Provisional push notifications

Provisional Push: What is it and how will it impact your addressable audience?

Staying abreast of OS updates, particularly around key messaging channels such as push, is key to building an effective mobile growth and…

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Learning day at Phiture

The Who, What, and Why of Phiture’s Monthly Learning Day

With an ever-growing team across more than 20 nationalities, now more than ever, Phiture is looking to the future and encouraging…

blender in-apps

An in-app message tool to boost your CRM conversion rates

Phiture is introducing Blender, an in-app message studio that allows anyone to create custom in-app messages without any coding required. Create modals, fullscreen and simple surveys that fit your design guidelines now.

phiture offsite gran canaria

Winter blue sky thinking: Phiture’s offsite

Every year the team at Phiture likes to decamp to a different location to take stock of the achievements of the previous year and spend…

A Round Table with Phiture’s Climate Team

We joined Leaders for Climate Action, a collective of hundreds of different German companies all working towards becoming more…