PressPlay — Drive results with fully autonomous A/B tests, directly on the app stores.

Generative AI allows PressPlay to fully automate the creation, deployment, and monitoring of A/B tests, driving more impact in every country, simultaneously. You can run it on full-auto, or supervise and augment it with your own ASO experiments and assets.

We’ll guarantee a minimum level of uplift, or you get your money back.

Phiture's PressPlay Technology

AI & ASO — 12 Million Additional Installs in 2 Months

Autonomous and native Google Play Store A/B testing, supercharged by generative AI.

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What makes PressPlay different is the pace and scale every marketer is looking for, while running experiments directly on Google Play — no fake store pages.


Since we’re looking for absolute breakout wins, PressPlay rapidly iterates through experiments and kills those that show early signs of losses.


With our unique approach, run as much as 500 concurrent experiments per app, and accelerate time-to-win.

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PressPlay’s Capabilities — Available today:

Icon testing

Accelerate your icon testing on the Google Play Store with our cutting-edge reinforcement learning technology and generative AI. Perfectly tailored for game publishers and utility app developers seeking to boost their installs.

Screenshot order testing

Maximize conversions with PressPlay’s screenshot order testing methodology and quickly identify the most effective combination.

Feature graphic testing

Captivate users with a better feature graphic. These are shown as static images before your promo video starts playing, or in places where Google features your app. Ideal for game developers and brands that already have a video.

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Short description testing

Fast-paced high-scale testing with reinforcement learning for the Google Play Store. Ideal for any app.

Localization at scale

Localize and run your experiments in many different Custom Store Listings. We’ve run as many as 50+ parallel tests in the Google Play Store, significantly enhancing quick learnings and replicating them across different geographies and languages.

AI Assistant for your app

At the heart of PressPlay sits our AI Assistant, which we train specifically on your apps or titles. It’s trained on your historical wins and losses, and any information you provide about your app. It generates strong hypotheses for each individual asset based on what it knows about your app and the competitive landscape. With each experiment win or loss that PressPlay deploys, monitors and applies, or kills, the output of the hypotheses and visuals become stronger, leading to better and more impactful experiments already a few weeks into an engagement.