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Graphic Design

Through a full-scale creative audit, we’ll revamp your app store presence to deliver maximum visibility and conversions. We’ll then provide creative solutions to test, covering everything from redesigned screenshots to UX design and new icons.

  • App store creative
  • Audit & optimization
  • App icons
  • Screenshots
  • Feature graphics
  • In-App Events & Promotional Content assets
  • UX graphic design
  • Creative A/B testing
  • Google Ad campaigns
  • Facebook (Meta) campaigns
  • Custom Product Pages (CPPs)

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Motion Graphics

Video is the key to conversion, outperforming all other content. We specialize in crafting engaging 3D and 2D animations tailored for mobile growth. Alongside building your User Acquisition strategy, we’ll advance with scalable production, localization, and A/B testing to deliver compelling and irresistibly eye-catching video campaigns.

  • 2D & 3D video production for mobile growth
  • Video consulting & strategy for User Acquisition
  • Creative production & localization at scale
  • Creative campaigns: strategy, production, and testing

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We’ll craft the right words to captivate your users and deliver high-intent downloads. From app store descriptions to email copywriting and in-app content, we design messages that resonate. We’ll even help you create your brand’s tone and voice from scratch or give your current one a refresh.

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Translation, Localization, & Internationalization

Break into new markets with seamlessly tailored content for diverse audiences across the world. Our extensive team of localization experts are skilled at breaking language barriers, ensuring cultural relevance that connects your brand with local users and expands your app’s global reach.

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Creative Production

There are unlimited creative possibilities that we can design for your app. Our audits show how current assets are performing and where to double down on testing. We manage projects from concept to completion, delivering distinctive static, text, and video assets at scale, tailored to fit any platform or market.

  • Project management
  • Static, text, & video assets production
  • Localization Audits
  • Localization

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Branding & Strategy

Redefine your brand’s presence with innovative branding. We’ll work together during a Brand Audit to understand your identity before crafting your bespoke roadmap. Our services cover every aspect of brand development, from logo design to brand messaging, ensuring a cohesive and impactful positioning.

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“Phiture came highly recommended in the industry as experts with strong expertise in mobile growth. Quickly understanding our growth challenges, Phiture worked closely with the Headspace team to build out new capabilities, improve our experimental process and deliver impact across both Acquisition and Retention.”

Robert Lamvik, Head of Growth

Creative Services

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Growth Resources

The Persuasion Emotion Trust Playbook

The Persuasion Emotion Trust (PET) Model is a framework used to channel creativity into great design concepts for mobile.

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