The next chapter in Blinkist app usage:

How in-app messages help to inspire readers and increase engagement

Blinkist case study Phiture


uplift in the number of times the recommended book was added to users’ libraries


uplift in the number of users who began reading the book


uplift in the overall book add rate


uplift in the overall start rate

The Challenge

How to keep users consistently engaged with their content. The team at Blinkist was concerned that without guidance, users would feel overwhelmed and not know which book to start next. 

“This was a great first project that helped us figure out and concretize our now ongoing relationship with Phiture. It was also a great success case to show the company at large the influence of CRM in moving important metrics.”

Mai Tran, CRM Manager@ Blinkist

The Solution

Blinkist approached the Retention team at Phiture to leverage their expertise in in-app messaging. They hypothesized that by displaying a book release in-app notification on session start, users would be encouraged to explore the featured title and overall engagement would thereby also be increased. Working hand-in-hand with the design team at Blinkist, a new In-App Message template was created to promote the latest content release. The design and copy were refined together, and the template was given the right capabilities to fit every situation and device. Over a period of two weeks, all premium, English-speaking users were sent the message at the start of their session. Very little user segmentation was required as the purpose was simply to show how impactful In-App Messages have the potential to be.

Blinkist in app template

The Results

The In-App Message had an impressive 90% CTR and as an immediate result of the Retention team’s work, Blinkist saw a 3220% uplift in instances of the recommended book being added to users’ libraries and a 4367% uplift in the number of users who began reading the book. This In-App Message also prompted users to consume more content in general. There was a 6.62% uplift in the overall book add rate and a 6.55% uplift in the overall start rate. Blinkist continued to use the In-App Message template provided by Phiture to create new In-App Messages, promoting new content and features to their Premium user base. They observed similar impact - which is further testament to the efficiency of In-App Messaging as a channel.

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