Subscription Optimization & Paywall Testing

Grow your app’s subscriber base and increase user lifetime value

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Convert Free Users into Loyal, Paying Subscribers

A holistic view of acquisition, activation, conversion, and retention enables us to craft user journeys that lead to higher subscriber LTV. We’ll implement the right measurement framework for your product, and run experiments across the subscription lifecycle, from paywall testing to retention-orientated CRM, to get the results you need.

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Refine and Improve your Growth Strategy, with the Subscription Stack

The Subscription Stack depicts the essential components of a mobile subscription business to help growth marketers conceptualize their own subscription optimization strategy and make improvements. The holistic and evolving framework incorporates Phiture best practices, developed from our experience of working with some of the biggest names in the app space.

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Working together with Phiture brought us up to speed on mobile growth. Phiture not only provided actionable insights with immediate effect but also heavily influenced our product strategy for future growth.”

Max Müller – Managing Director

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Case Studies


Increasing Headspace Retention: Healthier and Happier User Cohorts.

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Fine-tuning SoundCloud’s onboarding: Troubleshooting Segmentation Issues

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How we scaled Apple Search Ads traffic while driving down customer acquisition costs for InvoiceSimple

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Growth Resources

The Subscription Stack

A comprehensive framework for mobile subscription businesses, taking in user acquisition, engagement, and retention.

Phiture’s Subscription Stack presents the essential components of running a successful mobile app subscription business, and gives a structure for the planning and implementation of app subscription growth initiatives.

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The latest from the Mobile Growth Stack

The Subscription Stack: Activation, Engagement, and Churn Prevention

Our guide to activation, engagement, and churn prevention to elevate your subscription optimization strategies.

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The Subscription Stack: Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Our guide to Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) that increases the conversion rate for your mobile app subscription.

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The Subscription Stack: Subscriber Acquisition

Subscriber acquisition refers to any and all activities related to acquiring new app users to your product or service, and ultimately converting them into a paying user.

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