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Turn analytics into measurable business impact

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Analytics for Actionable Insights

We’ll dissect your data with state-of-the-art analytics tools, and provide insights that are clear and actionable, illustrated by trends in the data. These valuable insights serve as a foundational roadmap for optimizing your business operations and growth strategies.

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Precise Impact Measurement

We go beyond traditional analytics to measure impact for your business, using Performance Layers to assess the influence of seasonality, trends, external effects, paid efforts, and ASO. Rigorous methodologies such as experimental design and causal inference accurately measure ROI and empower data-backed decisions and strategic allocation of resources.

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“The Phiture Team conducted an in-depth Retention Audit with Fishbrain. Phiture’s experts zeroed-in on key opportunities and delivered strong analytical insights, strategic recommendations and tactical next steps for improving retention and engagement.”

Lisa Kennelly, CMO

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Case Studies


How We Helped Deezer Achieve International Growth With ASO

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How Systematic ASO Helped Headspace Bring Meditation and Mindfulness to Over 6 Million Users

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Invoice Simple

How we scaled Apple Search Ads traffic while driving down customer acquisition costs for InvoiceSimple

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Growth Resources

Taxonomy Spreadsheet

Gain insight into the impact on organic growth your marketing efforts might have, if your app has a variation in downloads between weekends or weekdays.

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The latest from the ASO Stack

Introducing Phiture’s ChatGPT Plugin for ASO: An Experiment from Our AI Labs Hackathon

Introducing Phiture's AI Labs' ChatGPT plugin. Access vital ASO data - iOS keyword popularity, impressions, and more with the use of this plugin.

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How to Deploy Liquid Code for a Highly Personalized CRM Strategy

Discover the power of Liquid, the versatile templating language behind personalized user experiences. Learn why incorporating Liquid into your CRM strategy can enhance customer engagement.

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The Organic Growth Impact Measurement Tool for Mobile Growth Marketers

Phiture's Organic Growth Impact Measurement Tool  uses the student’s t-test to gain insights into the impact on organic growth your marketing efforts might have, using the variation in downloads between weekends or weekdays as a jumping off point.  

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