How we scaled Apple Search Ads traffic while driving down customer acquisition costs for InvoiceSimple

Case study Invoice simple


increase in overall spend


increase in the number of subscriptions purchased


decrease in the Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) over the first 60 days


increase in the search conversion rate

The Challenge

The team at Invoice Simple approached us with the challenge of scaling the Apple Search Ads channel and improve overall performance by increasing the number of users purchasing a subscription and lowering the customer acquisition costs. They were also interested in how to A/B test creatives.

“I decided to work with Phiture because of their leader position in the industry. They are very well known and specialize in Apple Search Ads. I also decided to work with them because they work with Third-Party tools that focus on purchase. My expectations have been met so far, and I am happy with the results.”

Alex Black, Founder@ Invoice Simple

The Solution

In the first phase of 1-2 months, our Apple Search Ads team developed specially tailored initiatives to address the challenges. They began by studying the competition before carrying out extensive keyword research in several languages with Phiture’s network of professional native keyword researchers. Once the keyword research was done, a granular campaign structure was set up according to our systematic campaign structure - with different semantic group campaigns and ad groups that are sorted by level of intent. With the help of Phiture’s consultants, the Data Science and Engineering team at Phiture provided support by creating scripts to help automate keyword distribution and campaign management. As an example, newly discovered keywords were automatically tested for lower-funnel events such as subscription. In addition, the engineers also developed scripts that could pause keywords on non-performing days of the week.Finally, the team focused on optimizing towards low funnel revenue-generating events by optimizing bids and acquisition goals using a Mobile Measurement Partner, therefore striving towards the ultimate goal of optimizing for Customer-Acquisition-Cost (CAC) and ROAS. 

Before & After

phiture invoice simple slider before phiture invoice simple slider after

The Results

There was a great impact on performance after extensive testing was carried out. Thanks to a model developed with our data science team, we managed to estimate the best converting keywords for subscription as well as potential impressions per keyword per storefront. This model helped management adjust their strategic decisions on User Acquisition. Moreover, the team increased the budget from a 5 figure to a 6 figure monthly budget, with the overall spend increasing by 50%. As a consequence of the higher scale, the team increased the number of subscriptions purchased by 51% while decreasing the Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) by 6% over the first 60 days. The team helped establish CAC targets per market and remain within the established CAC targets per market increasing the Return-on-Ad-Spend for the client.
Or creative A/B testing showed a 13.4% increase in conversion rate from impressions to the first invoice completed. After applying these new creatives in the organic search results, the conversion uptick there followed suit and bumped the search conversion rate up by 15%.

Invoice Simple saves small businesses time by enabling them to invoice on-the-go and run their business from their phone. Over the last couple of years, their customer base has grown rapidly based on the strength of a great product. Invoice Simple apps have been downloaded more than a million times across 29 countries.Client: Invoice SimpleWebsite: Set up of a granular Apple Search Ads campaign structure with Ad groups based on levels of intent; Keyword research, testing and shortlisting; Cannibalization, market and competition studies; Budget reallocation; Optimizing bids for low funnel events; Creation of visual assets; Creative set testing.Project period: 2019 September - 2020 FebruaryInvoice Simple Logo