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Storefront Optimization Services

Phiture’s visibility optimization services ensure apps and games are seen – and accessed – by users. We’ll optimize your keywords, icons, screenshots, feature graphics, preview videos, and other metadata, to drive incremental improvements. Through these regular updates we demonstrate active development and relevance to the app stores, to further increase app visibility.

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“Phiture came highly recommended in the industry as experts with strong expertise in mobile growth. Quickly understanding our growth challenges, Phiture worked closely with the Headspace team to build out new capabilities, improve our experimental process and deliver impact across both Acquisition and Retention.”

Robert Lamvik, Head of Growth

App Store Optimization

Case Studies


How We Helped Deezer Achieve International Growth With ASO

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How Systematic ASO Helped Headspace Bring Meditation and Mindfulness to Over 6 Million Users

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Invoice Simple

How we scaled Apple Search Ads traffic while driving down customer acquisition costs for InvoiceSimple

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Growth Resources

Search Impressions Calculator

The Search Popularity Score – Impressions calculator is built based on a joint study with Splitmetrics.

Our Search Popularity Score – Impression calculator:
– Estimate the number of impressions for search terms based on Apple’s Search Popularity Score
– Compare differences in Impressions between Search Popularity Scores
– Apply results both to ASA (for bidding and budget allocation) as well as to ASO (metadata suggestions)

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The latest from the ASO Stack

ASO Monthly #88: ChatGPT ASO Plug-in, Meet App Store Experts Series, App Store Screenshot Bug, Google Play Store UI Changes, and More!

This month’s ASO Monthly edition introduces our new ChatGPT ASO Plugin, plus there's the new App Store Experts series, changes to Google Play Store UI, and a bug to be mindful of.

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Introducing Phiture’s ChatGPT Plugin for ASO: An Experiment from Our AI Labs Hackathon

Introducing Phiture's AI Labs' ChatGPT plugin. Access vital ASO data - iOS keyword popularity, impressions, and more with the use of this plugin.

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AI-Assisted Search and ASO: How to Prepare Your Strategy for Google Bard

In this article, we explore how ASO Managers can prepare for future success in the era of AI-assisted search and discovery, honing in on the areas likely to be of crucial importance for Google’s Bard. Making proactive strides to optimize your app descriptions now, or exploring other such optimization strategies, could prove beneficial in the long run.

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