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In the crowded field of App Store Optimization (ASO), having access to the right data at the right time is crucial. As part of an exploratory hackathon within Phiture’s AI Labs, we are excited to share a ChatGPT plugin that facilitates access to essential ASO information like keyword search popularity for iOS, estimated impressions, and more. It’s a small step in our ongoing experiments to understand and serve the ASO community better.


What Does Phiture’s ChatGPT Plugin Offer?

  • Real-time Keyword Popularity: Quickly fetch and analyze keyword search popularity.
  • Estimated Impressions Insight: Gain insights into your app’s potential maximum reach.
  • Streamlined User Experience: Access insights directly through ChatGPT, simplifying your workflow.


Using the Plugin: Beyond the Basics

Installing the Phiture ASO plugin


While installing the plugin is straightforward, you can simply type “ASO” in the ChatGPT Plus plugin store to find and install it, the plugin’s true value lies in the real-world insights it provides. It’s important to note that Language Learning Models (LLMs) are not designed for data analysis. They may produce inaccurate results when attempting to analyze large data sets. To mitigate this, we have limited the amount of data to one day per week for API requests that exceed a 90-day range. For deeper data analysis, you can use tools like the ChatGPT Code Interpreter or other data analysis plugins, such as Wolfram.

Now let’s take a look at some practical use cases.


Use Case 1: Analyzing brand popularity over time

Objective: Determine if a brand’s popularity in the app store is evolving.
Prompt: “Fetch the daily impressions for the past 12 months for ‘clubhouse’ in the US from the Phiture ASO plugin and provide an analysis detailing the trends.”
Expected Outcome: Gauge the traction of the brand in the App Store over time, spotting peaks, valleys, and potential growth strategies.


GPT-4 ASO plugin in action.


Use Case 2: Identifying trending keyword segments

  • Objective: Understand the popularity dynamics between ‘hiking’ and ‘walking’ apps.
  • Prompt: “Fetch the data for the past 12 months for ‘hiking’ and ‘walking’ in the US from the Phiture ASO plugin. Compare past 12 months impression trend for ‘hiking’ and ‘walking’, and annotate their popularity movement.”
  • Expected Outcome: Receive a comparative analysis, helping you tailor your app positioning. If ‘hiking’ apps are on the rise, consider repositioning aspects of your app to appeal more to hikers.

Visualizations with the ChatGPT Code Interpreter.

Use Case 3: Understanding seasonality in keyword popularity

  • Objective: Analyze the seasonality effects on a keyword’s popularity to fine-tune your marketing strategy around key periods.
  • Prompt: “Analyze the monthly search popularity for the keyword ‘fitness apps’ in the US over the past 24 months. Provide insights into any noticeable seasonal trends.”
  • Expected Outcome: The plugin will return a month-on-month breakdown of search popularity for the keyword. By examining this data, you may spot trends related to seasonality. For example, you may witness increased popularity in January due to New Year’s resolutions. 


Use Case 4: Investigating competitor keyword strategy

  • Objective: Understand a competitor’s keyword performance to help shape your own ASO strategy.
  • ChatGPT Prompt: “Compare the keyword popularity for ‘social networking’ and ‘friend finder’ related to the ‘Facebook’ app over the past 12 months. Provide insights into the performance and trend of these keywords.”
  • Expected Outcome: The plugin will generate a comparative analysis of the keywords’ popularity in relation to the specified app. From this, you can infer which keywords are contributing more to your competitor’s visibility and potentially incorporate similar keywords into your own strategy.



Keyword analysis of a competitor, then explained by the ASO ChatGPT plugin. 


A Creative Result from Phiture’s AI Labs Hackathon

This ChatGPT plugin emerged from a spirited hackathon within Phiture’s AI Labs. Rather than a game-changer, we view it as a stepping stone toward greater explorations. As a free tool, we welcome feedback and insights to refine and potentially expand this experimental offering, aligning it more closely with the needs of ASO professionals and enthusiasts.


Connect with Our Community!

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With Phiture’s ChatGPT plugin, we’re opening a door to new possibilities in the ASO world. It’s a small, yet promising experiment, and we invite you to dive in. Your insights and feedback will be vital in shaping what comes next.


Before you go

  • Our ChatGPT Plug in for ASO was a creation of Phiture’s AI Labs – our playground where Engineers, Data Scientists, Designers, and Marketing Experts create new AI-powered growth tools and strategies. You can find out more here. 
  • AI  was the hot topic at the 2023 ASO Conference. You can watch the recordings of all the main stage discussions here, many of which touched upon the impact of AI upon ASO. 
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