Mobile Marketing Resources: 2021 Edition

Mobile Marketing Resources: 2021 Edition

This list is intended to help mobile marketers find high-quality social channels, blogs and other content related to their field.

mobile growth stack 2020

What Is The Mobile Growth Stack?

The Mobile Growth Stack is a framework that helps marketers, founders and growth practitioners develop and evolve a strategy for growing the user base of a mobile product or product portfolio.

Mobile growth nightmares

Mobile Growth Nightmares Season 2 Episode 6 — Adam Hadi from Current

In today’s episode our hosts were joined by Adam Hadi, VP of Marketing at Current.

Mobile Growth Nightmares Season 2 Episode 5 — Marta Fogel from 7Mind

In today’s episode our hosts were joined by Marta Fogel, Head of Performance Marketing at 7Mind.

The Mobile Growth Stack Tech Layer: 50+ Tools & SDKs for Mobile Marketers 2021 Edition

To provide orientation on tools within the ‘Tech Layer’ of the Mobile Growth Stack, we’ve listed some of the best-known ones…

What Kills Data-Driven Growth Teams?

If there’s one thing that will sap the life out of any data-driven growth team, it’s failing to overcome organizational…

Mobile Growth Nightmares Season 2 Episode 4 — Clément Halloo from Fabulous

Back after a mid-season break, our hosts were joined by Clément Halloo, Head of Marketing at Fabulous.

A Guide to Your Mobile Measurement Partner’s iOS 14 SKAdNetwork Changes

In this post, we take a deep dive into the solutions offered by mobile measurement partners (MMPs) such as AppsFlyer, Adjust,…

Join Phiture’s Mobile Growth Stack Slack Community: The Leading Network for International Mobile Growth Experts

Calling all mobile growth practitioners! Connect with marketing professionals from around the world and get the latest in mobile…

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    12 Pricing Strategies to Boost Growth (During & After COVID-19)

    When it comes to app and game pricing, ‘strategy’ is everything. In a normal goods and service exchange relationship customers…

    How to Drive Long Term High-Scale User Acquisition with the Company that’s Done it for a Decade

    Here’s what I often hear from companies hitting a plateau or decline with user acquisition: ‘It was great at the start! We grew…

    Campaigning During COVID Part 2: How to Combine Online and Offline Tracking on Facebook Ads

    In the wake of COVID-19, we’ve seen a surge in tech-adoption. Audiences that were once reticent to use digital tools, like…

    Campaigning During COVID Part 1: Addressing the Core Challenges

    COVID-19 has, in many ways, accelerated the rate of digitization. Companies who had no plans or only long term plans to offer…

    Mobile Conferences and Events List 2021

    Start the year by looking ahead; take note of the mobile conferences and events in 2021.

    Create a Scalable Prioritization Process with the KRRFC Framework

    A few years ago, Phiture co-founder Andy Carvell introduced the Reach Relevancy Frequency (RRF) framework for prioritizing…