How Targeted In-App Messages Super-Charged Headspace’s Push Opt-Ins


uplift in push opt-ins

The Challenge

Headspace is one of Phiture’s oldest clients and is today a well-established, global brand, switching to a full subscription model in 2021. The team at Headspace approached Phiture for help after noticing opt-in rates on iOS were relatively low, especially in the German market. Push notifications contribute to Headspace’s user experience, so it’s important to encourage as many users as possible to opt in as efficiently and unobtrusively as possible.

“In a world in which we are bombarded with notifications and emails every day, Headspace and Phiture combined forces to overcome the challenge of re-opting in unsubscribed Headspace users. Phiture quickly understood the assignment and supported every step of the process, from ideation to execution, to gathering insightful data, optimizations, and implementing tests that considered localized nuances. Working together, we have been able to run experiments that ultimately increased our contactable user base.”

Carolina Neves, International Lifecycle Marketing Manager@ Headspace

The Solution

Phiture implemented a new strategy to encourage push notification opt-ins, based on user lifecycle. Free trialists and existing subscribers now received different opt-in prompts. For free trialists, Phiture tested the idea of asking users to opt-in to remind them of their free trial ending, thus avoiding dissatisfaction. For subscribers, Phiture launched several initiatives depending on language settings. For the German language segment, an ‘opt-in nudge’ was implemented in the onboarding canvas, without interrupting meditation sessions. For the English language segment, the opt-in initiatives were triggered when users opened the app (unless they started a meditation). The window for the in-app message was also increased to last up to 3 weeks, helping prolong the opportunity to win back less active users.

The Results

Implementing this strategy took three months, and, by the end, the revamped user journey with targeted in-app notifications yielded fantastic results. Phiture achieved an +118.35% uplift in push opt-ins in the German language segment of free trialists. We also reached a  +157.05% uplift in the English language segment of members in GDPR countries that had completed one meditation. These initiatives have increased the total percentage of users that opted in to push notifications for both Android and iOS, proving that the right message at the right time is crucial - this is especially important with Android 13’s changes to push notification permissions. Headspace now has a higher reachable audience to target with regular communications.

Headspace is the everyday app for feeling better — with guided lessons on mindfulness, sleep, and simply remembering to breathe.Client: HeadspaceWebsite: https://headspace.comServices: Retention, B.LayerProject period: 2022