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Tailored User Research Audits

User research is fundamental to effective mobile growth strategies and vital in the competitive app space. Through tailored research we’ll get to the heart of your current and future users’ activities, behaviors, and wishes, to deliver actionable recommendations that facilitate user acquisition and retention.

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“The Phiture Team conducted an in-depth Retention Audit with Fishbrain. Phiture’s experts zeroed-in on key opportunities and delivered strong analytical insights, strategic recommendations and tactical next steps for improving retention and engagement.”

Lisa Kennelly, CMO

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Case Studies


Increasing Headspace Retention: Healthier and Happier User Cohorts.

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Fine-tuning SoundCloud’s onboarding: Troubleshooting Segmentation Issues

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How we scaled Apple Search Ads traffic while driving down customer acquisition costs for InvoiceSimple

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Growth Resources

Promotional Content and In-App Event Strategies

The effective use of Promotional Content Events (PCEs) and In-App Events (IAEs) is a powerful strategy to both attract new users and also keep existing users engaged, driving an app’s success to new heights.

Find out how users interact with In-App Events and Promotional Content, and align your ASO strategy accordingly.

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The latest from the ASO Stack

How to Translate Survey Results into Understandable, Actionable Insights

In this article we outline how to structure your app user research and translate survey results into actionable insights for your mobile growth strategy.

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ASO Conference Series: Qualitative and Quantitative User Research to Understand Conversion Rate

Understanding the user's decision-making process when downloading specific apps is vital in order to contribute to a sustainable conversion rate uplift. This article shows how user research can help you understand why people are or aren't converting into installs.

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