In-App Events and Promotional Content

Phiture User Research Insights: Promotional Content and In-App Event Strategies

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The effective use of Promotional Content Events (PCEs) and In-App Events (IAEs) is a powerful strategy to both attract new users and also keep existing users engaged, driving an app’s success to new heights.

At Phiture, we execute these campaigns for our clients regularly, and to contribute to their success, we conducted our own user research to understand how users interact with PCEs and IAEs.

This research resulted in a number of insights into user behavior and preferences, which we have translated into creative best practices and effective strategies for ASO practitioners. In the research paper, we discuss common ways to measure the impact of revitalized
PCEs and IAEs.

Whether you’re an app developer, a marketer, or an ASO enthusiast, this comprehensive guide will provide valuable insights to help you leverage the power of Promotional Content and In-App Events.