How We Helped Deezer

Achieve International Growth With ASO

deezer case study aso


uplift in downloads after the first keyword optimization round on iOS


uplift in downloads after the first keyword optimization round on Android


increase in organic CVR

The Challenge

After working together and achieving significant growth in Europe, South America, the Middle East, and Northern Africa, Deezer approached Phiture and identified Turkey as the next target market. Before investing in paid marketing campaigns, Deezer wanted to learn how to drive organic traffic in both the Google Play and Apple App Store and increase brand awareness. As an experienced business partner with proven expertise and clear, transparent processes that empower clients at every turn, Phiture was chosen to help Deezer’s acquisition team expand into the region. 

“Phiture managed to increase our organic visibility in our key markets and supported the ASO launch for new locales such as Turkey and the MENA region. They significantly helped us develop and increase our ASO expertise by sharing best practices and insightful analysis on our app performances.”

Mohand Kabeche, Head of Growth Marketing@ Deezer

The Solution

The engagement kicked off with Phiture’s ASO consultants conducting a full audit, which identified the key distinctions of the Turkish market and analyzed the competitors. They then carried out comprehensive keyword research of the music streaming market and a follow-up optimization analysis that highlighted areas for improved visibility and conversion. The next stage required close collaboration with Phiture’s Design and Localization teams. Visual and textual assets were created and localized to align with key findings from the audit research and relevant cultural trends in the Turkish market. Using an iterative approach, the assets were tested in both the Google Play and Apple App stores, continual keyword optimization was carried out to allow for metadata updates, and varied visual assets were continually trialed. The Phiture team kept an experimentation backlog and shared important findings, learnings, revisions, and identified areas for future growth with the Deezer acquisition team, as well as other departments across the company.

deezer screenshots

The Results

From the initial phase of carrying out market research to launching the first test visual and metadata experiments took one month. After collecting data and analyzing the impact, the results showed that Phiture achieved a 61% uplift in downloads after the first keyword optimization round on iOS, followed by a 53% uplift on Android. Organic CVR was increased by 2%, double the amount of visitors on Android were recorded during the engagement, and Deezer moved from being an unknown music streaming service in Turkey to one of the leaders in the market. 

Deezer is a French online music streaming service. It allows users to listen to music content from record labels, including Universal Music Group, Sony Music and Warner Music Group on various devices online or offline.Client: DeezerWebsite: ASOProject period: 2019-2020