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How Automated Testing with GenAI Achieved 12M Projected Additional Installs for Wildlife Studios in under 2 Months


experiments deployed in under 2 months


different variations were tested


increase in Conversion Rate led to 12 million projected additional installs

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In the highly competitive mobile gaming industry, Wildlife Studios stands out with its impressive array of over 60 titles and more than 3 billion downloads. To enhance their app store presence, they turned to Phiture’s innovative solution, PressPlay. This case study explores how PressPlay’s automated A/B testing, powered by Generative AI (GenAI), led to an astounding 12 million additional installs in just two months.

The Challenge

Wildlife Studios faced the challenge of optimizing their A/B testing processes to keep up with the rapidly evolving mobile gaming market. The goal was to not only increase the speed and breadth of their A/B testing but also to ensure that each change contributed positively to app performance and user acquisition.

“The automation and intelligence of the system exceeded our expectations, establishing a new benchmark for efficiency in App Store Optimization.”

Matheus Magalhaes — User Acquisition Analyst, Wildlife Studios

Solution Design

PressPlay, Phiture’s solution, was introduced to revolutionize Wildlife Studios’ A/B testing approach. Integrating Generative AI, PressPlay automated the creation, deployment, and analysis of A/B tests, making the process more efficient and data-driven.

The implementation targeted major titles, beginning with a focus on Sky Warriors, and later expanding to all major titles. Centralizing experiment data in Google Sheets, PressPlay provided Wildlife Studios with real-time updates and the ability to deploy experiments effortlessly.

Results & Analysis

PressPlay’s effectiveness was quickly evident:

  • A total of 168 experiments were deployed in under 2 months
  • 322 different variants (icons, short descriptions, feature graphics, screenshots) were tested, showcasing the depth and variety of the experiments.
  • Notably, there were 7 significant experiment wins with GenAI.
  • These wins contributed to an impressive 12 million projected installs, thanks to conversion rate (CVR) increases of up to 24.1% across winning experiments.

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Feedback and Future plans

Wildlife Studios’ reaction to PressPlay was overwhelmingly positive. Matheus Magalhaes (Wildlife Studios), remarked, “The automation and intelligence of the system exceeded our expectations, establishing a new benchmark for efficiency in app store optimization.”

Matheus also highlighted the operational benefits: “PressPlay has significantly simplified the monitoring and deployment processes for our extensive experiment backlog. Managing thousands of experiments across our titles has become more streamlined and efficient, allowing us to focus on strategic decision-making and creative development.”

This enthusiastic feedback underscores the value and impact of PressPlay in transforming Wildlife Studios’ approach to app store optimization. The future roadmap driven by the collaboration of Wildlife and Phiture, focuses on leveraging these positive outcomes to further refine testing strategies and extend the technology’s application.

Example use cases and experiments in PressPlay — click to zoom in

PressPlay’s Self-Learning System

The learning system and predictive analytics of PressPlay stood out:

  • An Automated Experiment Assistant was built for each title, and trained on the app’s information, the competitive landscape and customer reviews.
  • The Assistant is trained on all historical wins and losses so it better understands what works and what doesn’t
  • Experiments are launched quickly and halted as soon as early predictive signals come in that a variant is losing.
  • Its predictive capabilities on what copy or creative would win, improved over time, increasing the accuracy and success rate of future experiments.


Phiture’s PressPlay technology – developed by Abdulmajeed Alkattan and Moritz Daan – has set a new standard in mobile game publishing for Wildlife Studios, achieving 12 million additional installs in just two months. This case study illustrates the impactful combination of automation, AI innovation, and strategic application in app store optimization, paving the way for future growth and success in the app and mobile gaming industry.

Wildlife Studios is one of the 10 largest mobile gaming companies in the world.

Client: Wildlife Studios
Services: PressPlay — Automated ASO Testing with GenAI
Project period: 2023 – 2024