Without exaggeration, in 2021 the biggest news in the ASO industry was the release of the App Store’s native A/B testing solution, which Apple named Product Page Optimization (PPO).

Before the PPO release, most ASO practitioners relied on Google Play Store experiments to make decisions about which screenshot, icon, or video may increase their conversion rate. Now, the number of ways to test your creatives effectively increased to 4:

  • Google Play experiments
  • App Store Product Page Optimization
  • Sequential analysis (or before-after testing)
  • Third-party web-based testing platforms

Each method has its strengths and weaknesses. They differ in cost, the accuracy of results, metrics, and types of creative assets available for testing.

With this infographic, we aim to deconstruct every method of testing creatives and provide ASO practitioners with a decision-making tool, which should come in handy when it’s time to run your next A/B test and improve conversion rate on app stores.