In the ASO Monthly-series by ASO Consultancy Phiture, we reflect on the previous month and shed a light on trends in app store optimization, algorithm changes, insights in conversion rate optimization and tool updates.

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This update was prepared by Mathew Parry, an ASO Consultant at Phiture.

ASO Monthly #33 January 2019- iOS Algorithm Bug, New Google Experiment Metrics & more

2nd January — iOS Algorithm bug fixed

Flagged by Herman Jakobi and multiple other members of the ASO Stack Slack, a drastic change in ranking affected all apps in multiple locales from the 31st December — 8th January.

The impact caused positive/negative keyword rankings for apps, once this had been reverted it took some days to see keyword rankings climb back to normal. The issue was noticed using AppTweaks algorithm change detector.

algorithm changes

Screenshot provided by Mithun Jhawar displaying algorithm changes.

3rd January — iOS Screenshot Requirements from March onward

ASO Stack Slack member, Michael Mroz reminded us that we need to all be prepared for the new compulsory requirements that Apple app submissions will have once February is over.

“Starting March 2019, all app submissions for iPhone or iPad, including universal apps, will require screenshots for iPhone XS Max or the 12.9-inch iPad Pro (3rd generation).”

iOS developer submissions page

iOS Developer Submissions Page

4th January — English Australia being indexed for other App Store territories

Reported as being fixed by Ilia K. on Jan 5th, however throughout the month we also see this being impacted multiple times. As it stands, English Australia is not indexed for other App Store territories.

8th January — New animation A/B test spotted in the iOS Today tab

As spotted by Aude Boscher — The cards on the Today tab animate as you scroll. In the screenshots below you can see that as you scroll past half of the card, the icon/title/subtitle/get button to transform into a CTA.

This test, however, doesn’t revert back to the original card image with the “Get” button when you scroll back over it.

l'app du jour

Screenshot provided by Aude Boscher: Showing possible tests in the Today Tab

9th January — Is the iOS search autocomplete getting smarter?

It was brought to our attention by Francesco Zucchetta that the autocomplete for semantic searches has started to provide some interesting matches! See two examples below:

autocomplete for semantic searches

15th January — Getting your apps ready for Androids 64-bit requirement!

Starting from 1st August 2019 it will become a requirement for all new apps and app updates that include native code to provide a 64-bit version as well as the standard 32-bit. This is being rolled out to eventually stop serving all versions but 64-bit by 2021, but Google is on hand to give you the advice to prepare for the requirement.

While this change is only known to affect visibility by 2021, it is likely that the Play Store will increasingly favor 64-bit versions in the recommended sections and search results.

64-bit requirement timeline for google play

24th January — New metrics on Google Play Experiments

Catherine Sibirko from the ASO Stack Slack flagged that Google had brought another feature to kick off 2019! They graced us with new hourly metrics for play store experiments, applicable to all experiments started after January 15th with the option of ‘First-time installers’ or ‘Retained installers (1-day)’. This should ultimately speed up experiments, and remove the dreaded 3-day wait to see first results.

new metrics for store listing experiments

Not only did the metrics receive an update — as noticed by myself — a new “Notifications” tab has appeared in store listing experiments. This allows you to receive an email or in-browser notification when your experiment has reached significance.

I’m hoping my previous article teaching you to build a Store Listing Experiment Slack Bot is what prompted them to make this update.

store listing experiments

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