Tuesday 22ⁿ ͩ  October saw a diverse mix of professionals gather together at Mindspace, Berlin to learn with and from some of the sharpest minds in mobile growth. The perfect spot on a cold autumn evening, the inner courtyard gave the illusion of being outside, despite the domed glass ceiling above. The white-tiled walls and climbing ivy made for an inviting walk as attendees headed for the event room at the back to enjoy a free drink before the talks themselves. The evening, co-hosted by Phiture, Leanplum, and Amplitude, sought to demonstrate how the trio of companies form a powerful feedback loop to better inform engagement campaigns, as well as featuring insightful words from others. Carolin Engel, CRM Manager at CleverShuttle, Ilya Blokh, Director of Product at Blinkist, and Phiture’s own Ed Burrows, Retention Lead were all there to lead the audience through their own expertise for solid mobile growth strategy. After a warm welcome for all the speakers and attendees, the meet-up began.

The talks kicked off with Ed walking the audience through the five mistakes you don’t want to make in CRM campaign experiments. Touching on goal metrics and the importance of understanding your app’s scale, Ed offered his astute observations on how best to use data to inform your experiments, including surveys, control groups, and the art of knowing when to call an end to your experiments.  A quickfire round of questions on details of goal metrics moved the evening swiftly on to Carolin’s section. Her tailored advice on delivering the right messages at the right time was particularly relevant for apps who, like CleverShuttle, rely on providing services to users quickly: when they need a ride, for example. Last but not least, we came to Ilya’s honest appraisal of Blinkist’s learnings on the importance of quality over quantity when it comes to retention. With such a wealth of topics to be explored, it’s little wonder that the speakers’ talks overflowed into the networking afterward.


When the group separated out to enjoy the tasty appetizers and a drink or two, the conversations instantly starting up showed that there was still more knowledge to be shared. With this in mind, we at Phiture are keen to offer more events like this in the future to dive even deeper into mobile growth strategy and to keep providing more and more people with the opportunity to learn from some of the brightest minds in the business. 

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