Learning day at Phiture

The Who, What, and Why of Phiture’s Monthly Learning Day

With an ever-growing team across more than 20 nationalities, now more than ever, Phiture is looking to the future and encouraging employees to think ahead as well. We want Phiture to be an environment where people don’t simply come to work every day and work on the same things, but that they have the space to learn new skills and develop as professionals and individuals.

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climate team at phiture

A Round Table with Phiture’s Climate Team

We joined Leaders for Climate Action, a collective of hundreds of different German companies all working towards becoming more sustainable, and implemented some key foundations for working towards a more eco-conscious future for Phiture.

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Andrea Raggi Apple Search Ads Lead

Apple Search Ads Explained: A Day in the Life of ASA Lead Andrea Raggi

Ever wished you could market directly to those searching for exactly what you’re offering? Apple Search Ads (ASA) is a way of doing just that for apps on the App Store. Phiture’s ASA expert, Andrea Raggi, is here to explain how.

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mobile shakers event phiture

An Evening with Mobile Movers and Shakers

Tuesday 22ⁿ ͩ  October saw a diverse mix of professionals gather together at Mindspace, Berlin to learn with and from some of the sharpest minds in mobile growth. The evening, co-hosted by Phiture, Leanplum, and Amplitude, sought to demonstrate how the trio of companies form a powerful feedback loop to better inform engagement campaigns, as well as featuring insightful words from others.

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