Moritz Daan leads the ASO Agency Phiture and Merlin Penny is the Data Science and Engineering Lead at Phiture.

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In a recent joint study, SplitMetrics and Phiture have estimated the relationship between Search Popularity and App Store Impressions:

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These results are interesting for both ASA and ASO practitioners. Apple Search Ads Managers can get an idea of how much budget to allocate to a search term and how high to bid in auctions. ASO practitioners are able to choose the metadata on the basis of an estimate for the impressions when ranked 1st.

To facilitate the calculation of impressions we offer a calculator where users can input a search popularity score (SP) and get the number of corresponding impressions. The absolute and relative difference between two SPs can give an idea of the impact of choosing keywords with higher SP.

To get to the calculator please follow this link:

Phiture – Search Popularity – Impressions Calculator

To use the calculator make a copy of the file first and then input two SP scores in the blue fields to calculate absolute and relative differences between these.

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