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How to Do Keyword Optimization for the Google Play Store [How-To Video]

We’ve created a tutorial video for our Google Play App Search Optimization spreadsheet that aims to help you become a bit more strategic with your Google Play Store description.

The video describes how much your short description, long description, title and developer name approximately weigh in your Google Play Store ranking. It also offers a look into our spreadsheet with which you can compare your Play Store assets before and after optimization, to see what keywords or 2-keyword-phrases you are targeting.

Finally, it also offers our own Google Play Keyword Auto-fill Tool, which shows you auto-suggested keywords from the Google Play Store.

Before you click play make sure you open up this spreadsheet and copy it to your own Google Drive.

Let us know what you think in the comments, and make sure you check out our Apple App Store Optimization Keyword Optimization spreadsheet as well if you like this one!

Oh, and here’s a preview of the spreadsheet in action:

google play store auto-suggestions