The ASO Stack Keynote-min

A few weeks after Gabe Kwakyi and myself presented the ASO stack on this Medium publication (Goal #1 visibility and #2 conversion), I presented the whole framework last Saturday at Applause in Barcelona.

In this 40-minute talk I presented the ASO stack framework, a cheat-sheet that can be used by ASO marketers. Feedback is very welcome.

ASO Stack presentation #1 in Barcelona.

As the slides don’t come accompanied with further explanation (see blog posts above) I wanted to call out a few things:

  1. Whilst the model can help you set priorities, it doesn’t come with pre-defined prioritization. Your ASO prioritization depends heavily on the type of your app, the vertical, your number of users and whether you’re a paid or a free app.
  2. Tools and tactics are displayed as matter of explaining the concepts. They are no recommendations as, again, that would depend on your needs in the Stack.

Finally: the ASO Stack is part of the App Store Optimization eBook we’re writing on the topic. If you’re interested in the topic and want to know more about the eBook, sign up for our newsletter:

Shoutout to Daniel Peris, Miriam Peláez and the team from the Tool who outdid themselves organizing a great conference on app marketing. If not from the amazing talks from a lot of practitioners, it was from all the chats with ASO experts who gave me a lot of new material for experimentation 🙂