In the ASO Monthly series, Phiture team reflects on the previous month and sheds a light on trends in app store optimization, algorithm changes, insights in conversion rate optimization and tools updates.

This update was written by Parv Bhargava, Mobile Marketing Consultant at Phiture.

ASO Monthly #46 February 2020- Apple bugs, category updates, China market trends, Apple Search Ads beta testing and more

ASO Conference 2020

aso conference 2020 agenda

The first agenda for the ASO Conference 2020 in Berlin on the 13th of May is out now! The all-star line-up features ASO experts from a wide range of industries, such as MAG Interactive, Skyscanner, Tilting Point, and more. Read the full agenda here:

February 2nd — Apple fixes the impression attribution bug

For over six months Search impressions were attributed to Browse impressions. Thanks to the ongoing efforts of the ASO community, Apple has acknowledged the bug, fixed it and reprocessed the historical data.

app store connect

Source: App Store Connect

app store connect app analytics

(Source: App Store Connect)

February 5th — Apple search Ads testing automatic recommendations in beta

Highlighted by Jevgen Tarasenko on ASO Stack and Nadir Garouche over LinkedIn — Apple Search Ads is finally heading in the same direction as adopted by its competing channels: automated recommendations; now in Beta. The plan is to have suggestions for keywords to be added, budgets and bids to edit and maybe more…

search ads recommendations

Source: Apple Search Ads

search ads recommendations keywords

Source: Apple Search Ads

February 5th — Apple: Updates to Universal Purchase and App Store Categories

Starting in March 2020, you’ll be able to distribute iOS, iPadOS, macOS, and tvOS versions of your app as a universal purchase, allowing customers to enjoy your app and in‑app purchases across platforms by purchasing only once.

In addition, categories will be unified across the App Store and Mac App Store to align with this change, and to help make your apps more discoverable. You’ll be able to select the following categories for iOS apps: “Developer Tools” and “Graphics & Design”.

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February 6th — Apple: Priority score disappears again

Apple stopped providing the Priority score via the API again. This is the second time in a month that the priority score has been set to zero.

There are two parameters on Apple that describe traffic volumes certain keywords drive: Popularity Score and Priority Score.

Popularity Score — a keyword measurement given by Apple to tell advertisers whether the keyword has enough search volume (comes from Apple Search Ads);

Priority Score — reflects the recent search volume of a keyword in-app store, Apple auto-suggestions are based on it too

According to Apptweak, they are using the last available data. We recommend checking with your tools to know what data you’re looking at.

February 7th — China’s mobile giants to take on Google’s Play store — sources

SHENZHEN, China (Reuters) — China’s Xiaomi (1810.HK), Huawei Technologies [HWT.UL], Oppo and Vivo are joining forces to create a platform for developers outside of China to upload apps onto all of their app stores simultaneously, in a move analysts say is meant to challenge the dominance of Google’s Play store.

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February 11th — You can now opt-out of receiving subscription renewal emails from Apple

Apple has added a new toggle to the top of the Subscriptions page on iPhone and iPad. By toggling the switch, users can choose not to receive email notifications every time a recurring In-App Purchase is charged.

receive renewal receipts - subscriptions

Source: iPhone setting

For more info check here

February 18th — App Store Downloads Show China’s Workforce is Working from Home

Ariel hypothesizes — Much of China’s massive workforce has been grounded since the coronavirus outbreak, forcing companies across the country to shut down temporarily.

Downloads of business messaging apps

downloads of business messaging apps

Looking at App Store download trends however a few of ASO practitioners see the same trend in productive, photo & video and education categories

February 19th — See reviews at a glance on App Store Connect

Flagged by Ilia Kukharev on ASO Stack, you can click on See All on the App Store preview page and check app reviews at a glance. Earlier it was not possible to see all the reviews at once but now developers and ASO practitioners can easily access and check the reviews in one fold.

app store preview ratings and reviews

Source: App Store Preview

February 20th — Apple considering third-party iOS apps as default

A Bloomberg report says Apple is considering allowing iPhone and iPad users to choose third-party default iOS apps for things like email and web-browsing. 9TO5Mac concludes that the driving force behind it is unlikely to increase customer choice, but address antitrust issues.

February 25th — Apple will require games to have ISBN in China

Apple will reportedly require all games launched on its App Store to carry an International Standard Book Number (ISBN) in China from July 1st, 2020.

According to Gio Zhang, the new policy was announced by the China Press and Publication ministry, with the government stating that regardless of who the developer, publisher, or firm is, an ISBN number will be needed to secure a release in the country.

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