The Mobile Growth Stack Tech Layer- 50+ Tools & SDKs for Mobile Marketers

To provide orientation on tools within the ‘Tech Layer’ of the Mobile Growth Stack, we’ve listed some of the best-known ones here, in alphabetical order.

Please note: This is not a comprehensive directory, there will likely be omissions — if you spot any, or miss your favorite tool, let us know in the comments.

Similarly, if you feel your tool is mis-classified, please let us know: the boundaries blur between many of these solutions and we will be happy to update the list to increase accuracy.

Also, some tools can be used for multiple purposes (e.g. marketing automation and A/B testing) and thus appear several times. We aim to keep this page as a live catalog, so expect updates over time.

Deep Linking

Deep Linking

A/B Test Framework

A/B Testing Frameworks

Marketing Automation SDKs

Marketing Automation Platforms

Analytics SDKs

Mobile Analytics

Attribution SDKs

Attribution (Mobile Measurement Platforms)