Mobile Growth Nightmares Episode 5Behind every success, there are multiple mistakes and these present a fantastic opportunity for learning and improvement. In the podcast series Mobile Growth Nightmares, hosted by Gessica Bicego (Blinkist) and Andy Carvell (Phiture), the hosts talk about failures, missed opportunities, embarrassing blunders, and the lessons learned from them.

Marta Fogel

In today’s episode our hosts were joined by Marta Fogel, Head of Performance Marketing at 7Mind. From an early interest in mental health matters at university, Marta developed her mobile marketing skills at Adviqo, and has been working with the meditation app 7Mind for almost three years. Alongside her work at 7Mind, Marta is also Head of Mobile Marketing at Slavetrade, an NGO dedicated to tackling slavery in the modern world. 

Marta shares two of her worst mobile growth nightmares with Gessica and Andy. First, Marta recounts an expensive mistake that was the result of restarting a high-budget ads campaign after a pause. Later, Marta describes her second nightmare, in which her plan to be as specific as possible when developing the parameters for an attribution campaign actually backfired with long-lasting results. While these are tough lessons to learn, Gessica and Andy point out that the recommendations Marta can make as a result of these nightmares are invaluable advice for any performance marketer in the industry. 

Finally, in the ‘Brilliant or Bullshit’ part of this episode, the hosts and Marta discuss the recent news of Applovin’s controversial acquisition of Adjust.

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