Behind every success, there are multiple mistakes. In the podcast series Mobile Growth Nightmares, hosted by Gessica Bicego (Blinkist) and Andy Carvell(Phiture), we talk about failures, missed opportunities, embarrassing blunders, and the lessons learned from them.

Mobile Growth Nightmares Podcast Episode 7

Since the dawn of time, the number 7 has had a special place in most civilizations. 7 days in a week, 7 colors in a rainbow, 7 wonders of the world. Episode 7 of MGN is a special as well, it was recorded live at App Promotion Summit in Berlin together with Lenette Yap, UA manager at Wargaming and Jacques Frish, Digital Marketing Director at Glovo.

Lenette Yap

Lenette Yap has been acquiring game users for a long time while working at Wooga and now at Wargaming. In this episode, she shares her story of how she was “catching the whales” with the “fishy” ad networks.

Jacques Frish

Another speaker, Jacques Frish, Digital Marketing Director at Glove who has been working for tech companies for over 10 years, tells us how he mistakenly sent push notifications to the entire user database instead of a specific market and scared many users with the alien-looking notification.

In the “Brilliant or Bullshit” section of this episode, we asked both the speakers and the audience for their take on “Adjust and acquisition

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