Today, October 11th, is a huge day for all of us here at Phiture – both a celebration, and an announcement. Five years ago, around 1825 days in the past, here in grey Berlin, our company was born. Every hour has felt like an adventure, and It’s incredible how much has happened – and continues to happen, every single day.

From just a few people to more than 100, from an idea to one of the top leading mobile agencies in the industry, Phiture has had a long and, thankfully, successful journey – all of it thanks not just to our clients and their trust, but also to every single person who’s part of the Phiture family. We’re a strong, diverse, unique group of people, and the culture we’ve built is as important as the business success we’ve achieved. It’s been an exciting, intense journey, and each one of us has played an essential part – no matter the team, no matter the position, Phiture is nothing more and nothing less than the sum of all our amazing Phiturians. Now, that journey continues today, with the announcement that we’re expanding and opening our first ever US office, in New York, under the guidance of Gabe Kwakyi.

Gabe, an old friend of ours, has now joined the Phiture family for this new challenge – and we couldn’t think of anyone better. He was the co-writer of the ASO ebook alongside our co-founder Moritz Daan, is the ex-CEO of Incipia, and all in all he’s a forefront figure in the industry, and exactly who you’d want leading such an ambitious expansion. Apart from being the director of Phiture US, he’ll also be our new Director of Acquisition Teams, adding his expertise across our organization.

From a business standpoint, how important is this and what doors does it open? We’ll let Gabe explain: “By opening an office in New York, it’ll be much easier for Phiture to work with all of its existing US clients, and we anticipate that other US-based companies will be more eager to work with us moving forward. From things such as timezone alignment to an improved ability to workshop and plan with clients in person, our US expansion will help Phiture to present itself as the best agency that can not only help American companies to manage their domestic or English-market mobile marketing operations, but also be a trusted partner that can help them expand into any market across the globe.

“Phiture is the ideal partner for any US-based company looking into a European or global expansion given its deep localization and culturalization team, which draws on years of experience and results in the area, driving strong global growth results for SoundCloud and many other clients. For many US-based companies, the initial focus is the US, followed by the other primarily English markets of Canada, the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa; but this strategy eventually reaches a saturation point where growth diminishes in these markets, and a European or global expansion strategy is needed – and this is where Phiture is very well-positioned to help.”

We’re already achieving success in the US market, with clients such as Headspace or, as Gabe mentioned, SoundCloud, and with this next step we hope to both strengthen existing relationships while forging new ones – while also, of course, growing our group of Phiturians. We’re packing not just our expertise but also our culture, hoping to spread it in a market that’s already so important to us. We’ve already started recruiting, with positions open both in New York and also across the US, and more will be coming.

Five years in, this is an exciting new chapter of an already exciting story, and we’re happy and proud to be able to share this news with the world. Today, at Phiture, we glance at the past, but keep two eyes strictly in the future. And this is, of course, just the beginning. Thank you so much to every single person at Phiture and to every client, and we hope forward to continuing this story – together, and around the world.

To know more, feel free to read our official press release. If you’d like to contact our US office, reach out to us at [email protected].