blayer in-app messages

Why You Need B.Layer, the Free Braze Extension Designed to Supercharge Your App’s Lifecycle Marketing

The freemium version of B.Layer offers unlimited usage, two templates for standard modal in-app messages, plenty of custom fonts, and full access to the studio parameters, so you can adapt message templates to suit your needs. You can learn more about the latest updates here

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blender in-app messages

Blayer Multiscreen In-App Messages: How Our Braze Extension Can Further Increase CRM Conversion Rates

Ever gotten a push-notification and, a few clicks or swipes later answering your preferences, found yourself returning to an app that you haven’t used in ages? If so, you’ve probably noticed how natural and completely streamlined the experience was. Little did you know that these pop-ups may not be part of the app—they are, in fact, multi-screen in-app messages.

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blender in-apps

An in-app message tool to boost your CRM conversion rates

Phiture is introducing Blayer, an in-app message studio that allows anyone to create custom in-app messages without any coding required. Create modals, fullscreen and simple surveys that fit your design guidelines now.

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boosting user engagement with in app messages

Boosting User Engagement with In-App Messages

In-app messages are a black box for many of us. They are also a powerful channel to increase retention lifecycle metrics. In my article, you will find more about this obscure marketing channel: what these messages are, how to build them, and how to use them to leverage your retention and monetization metrics.

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