strategies to boost growth

12 Pricing Strategies to Boost Growth (During & After COVID-19)

When it comes to app and game pricing, ‘strategy’ is everything. In a normal goods and service exchange relationship customers already know they will have to pay something but with digital products the prevalence of ‘freemium’ models or ads in lieu of payment makes charging for apps a more delicate and nuanced proposition.

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product monetization

Subscriptions and Single Purchases: The Best Tactics for Product Monetization

In this article, I’ll be sharing a few techniques that have helped companies I worked with to increase their subscription revenue for product monetization, and show you a few tips and tricks that even the experts don’t know. These subscription monetization tactics have proven to work. I’ll be covering everything from an initial reduced price subscription to smart pricing tests.

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retention and engagement covid19

Retention and Engagement During COVID-19: How to Increase, Sustain, and Win-Back DAU for Your App

Are you tired of reading about COVID-related things? I hear you. It's exhausting. It's likely that you, your team, and your company have worked hard to make some immediate changes with the onset of COVID-19. It may feel like the pressure is slightly easing. But I can confidently say that the real work is just about to begin.

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