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Phiture’s AI Labs:Data & AI Solutions for Growth

In 2023, we embarked on an audacious journey at Phiture: Integrating Artificial Intelligence into the very fabric of our agency.

With Phiture’s AI Labs, we develop data & AI products that pave products pave the way for the future of Mobile Growth. We have been working on integrating AI into our existing service offerings, and are constantly developing new AI-powered solutions towards market readiness.

The solutions below are delivering revenue impact for our clients today, and are available for any brand.

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Phiture's PressPlay Technology

AI & ASO — 12 Million Additional Installs in 2 Months

Autonomous and native Google Play Store A/B testing, supercharged by generative AI.

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AI-driven Toolsfor Mobile Growth


The first fully autonomous and native A/B testing solution for Google Play, giving you real results from day one.

Together with our client Wildlife Studios, PressPlay drove 12 million projected additional installs.

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AiSA's reinforcement learning model in action: AI-optimized bids increase the number of installs while lowering Cost-per-Install.


Advanced Machine Learning algorithms optimizing Apple Search Ads bids.

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More from Phiture’s AI Labs

An incubator for big betsand table stakes

Incorporating Artificial Intelligence into our work has always been on our radar. In fact, we’ve been investing in Machine Learning for years. What’s different now is the scale and ambition; AI is no longer a supplement to our services — it’s becoming the core.

Phiture AI Labs is a sandbox that allows us to freely experiment, innovate, and collaborate. All with one simple goal — impacting client revenue.

PressPlay and AiSA are two examples of tools that were started in Phiture’s AI Labs and have proven themselves to significantly impact our clients’ revenues.

Strategic Initiatives

  • Automated User Acquisition Creatives at Scale

    AI-generated campaign creatives to promise faster launches and lower customer acquisition costs.
  • Experiment Insights at Scale

    Analyze experiments using AI, and adapt your growth strategy based on proven results to drive impact faster.
  • AI-driven Keyword Optimization

    Revolutionize keyword optimization with AI, to expand impact and global reach with increased efficiency.