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Mobile growth consultancy from the creators of the Mobile Growth Stack. We help app publishers and developers on a wide variety of growth topics from acquisition to retention.
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Who we are


Andy Carvell

Partner at Phiture

Andy started his career as a mobile game developer, having spent his childhood developing games for home computer systems.  He developed his first mobile title, a side-scrolling shoot-em-up arcade game called ‘Space Impact’, at Nokia in the UK back in 1999 and it became a worldwide hit, embedded on 150 million mobile devices.   After developing mobile games for many years, Andy headed to business school where he earned an MBA, specializing in marketing. In 2012 he joined SoundCloud in Berlin to help the audio platform build its mobile user base. Most recently, Andy led a cross-functional, data-driven growth team at SoundCloud.


Moritz Daan

Partner at Phiture

Moritz also has a background in games. Between the age of 17 and 23, he founded and sold two online browser based gaming companies with several millions of registered users throughout Europe. After selling his second company, he went on to study law and finished his masters of law at the Ludwig-Maximillian-Universität in Munich. During his studies, he had several side-projects amongst which two legal calculator tools and a venture that imports consumer electronics from China for online retail and bulk sale in the Netherlands. In 2014 he joined SoundCloud doing App Store Optimization and quickly moved on to accept a broader Growth PM role.

The Mobile Growth Stack

The Mobile Growth Stack

Whether it’s our 2-day Mobile Growth Audit starter session, an App Store Optimization workshop or hourly based consultancy on specific topics such as setting up Analytics, Onboarding, Performance or Lifecycle Marketing, we always try to help clients to see the bigger picture of their growth efforts. Therefore we use our industry-acclaimed Mobile Growth Stack, a light-weight framework for Mobile Growth.

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Opera has a range of browser, data-saving and VPN apps.



Two growth audits with the broader Opera marketing and product teams.




Thomas Wikberg

VP Western Markets

With their sound experience from mobile app hyper growth and their convincing growth framework, the Phiture guys created great excitement and engagement within the Opera team from the very start. With open dialogue towards all functions in the company, Phiture quickly detected first major improvement areas for user growth.

Goodgame studios


Goodgame Studios are a games publisher & developer, with well-known titles such as Empire: Four Kingdoms.



1-day App Store Optimization workshop with the CRO team.




Wolfgang Peters

Teamlead Conversion

The Goodgame Studios CRO team enjoyed the full day ASO workshop with Moritz. Based on his unique insights, we’ve revamped our App Store Optimization strategy.



SoundCloud is a music & audio platform.



Growth PM at SoundCloud: acquisition, engagement & retention and internationalization.




Eric Wahlforss - Founder of SoundCloud

Eric Wahlforrs

Co-founder / CTO

In Moritz’ 2 years at SoundCloud he contributed a lot to our growth story. His detail-oriented approach and passion for learning and applying new mobile growth tactics helped us master the complexities of the App Store and make bold strides in new market development. A thinker and a doer, Moritz is sure to make a valuable contribution to any growth effort.



HERE Maps is a navigation and transportation app.



2-day Growth Audit, and subsequent 50-day engagement to help set up the growth team.





William Gill

Head of Growth & Monetization

Detailed and engaging audit that has left Nokia HERE with a lot of action items. Phiture touched base on all relevant topics for mobile growth, including ideas for our growth team setup. Definitely worth it, especially since they’re asking the right questions.



Stylight is a fashion blog and shopping app.



We did two 2-day growth audits with the Stylight team.




Max Müller from Stylight GmbH

Max Müller

Managing Director

Working together with Moritz & Andy brought us up to speed on mobile growth. Andy & Moritz not only provided actionable insights with immediate effect but also heavily influenced our product strategy for future growth.



Clue is a period tracking app.



Hourly consultancy engagement for ASO, retention analysis and other growth channels.





Hans Raffauf


Moritz made an impact from his first day advising our team, spotting crucial areas where we could improve our growth and retention. He has a keen eye for identifying opportunities where small experiments can have an immediate effect. In just a short time our team has benefited from his suggestions and insights.

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