Web-to-App Optimization

Branch & Phiture’s Web-to-App Optimization Playbook

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Web-to-App describes the journey taken by an end-user from a mobile browser to an app, or vice versa. Optimization refers to making this journey as smooth and rich as possible to achieve a desirable outcome, usually a download or conversion. These web-to-app journeys take many forms, and this Playbook introduces examples of great web-to-app campaigns to inspire your own efforts and how to link from web to app.

In this co-authored Playbook, Branch and Phiture seek to demonstrate the importance of web-to-app strategies, and show how personalization can drive higher engagement and conversions using Branch’s smart banners, among other tried and tested tactics.

Branch enables brands to build and measure engaging and relevant end-user experiences across all platforms, devices, and channels.

Phiture is a multi-award-winning mobile growth consultancy and agency working with the teams behind leading apps.


Why prioritize web to app journeys? 


Users are interacting with your brand anytime and anywhere. This includes through website ads which is one key reason Web-to-App optimization should be prioritized.


App user experience and conversion rank well above the mobile web experience. All traffic to your website and app store page is an opportunity to acquire a new user. Neglecting web traffic is likely to cause your app to miss out on organic growth.

Phone-storage scarcity

It’s real and it’s a precious good in these Cloud storage times. Some users need more convincing that your app is worth downloading, so ensure your landing page can help with that extra content in a simple and personalized way.

Search volume

There are still huge amounts of search traffic that ultimately end up on websites.