Using Localized Video to Give 

A Sneak Preview of Deezer’s App Features

deezer app preview case study


uplift in search apps units (French market)


uplift in search conversion rate (French market)

The Challenge

As part of a successful campaign to increase brand awareness and uplift organic app installs in new global territories, the teams at Deezer and Phiture were keen to devise an innovative creative campaign that set Deezer apart from its competitors. The mission was to take Deezer’s store listing creative assets in a fresh direction and empower their teams with the knowledge and resources required to ensure lasting ASO success after the engagement. The resulting project was accomplished by a collaborative effort between Phiture’s in-house ASO, Design, and Localization teams. 

"Thanks to Phiture’s expertise and to our experience working together, we have been able to explore a different medium that we really wanted to test: namely, using a video format to showcase what Deezer’s app has to offer to our different international audiences.From a data-driven approach to the collaborative execution brought by Phiture’s teams, we were able to successfully explore a new visual format, as well as developing many new ideas for improving Deezer’s app conversion performances through visual optimizations."

Mohand Kabeche, Head of Growth Marketing@ Deezer

The Solution

An app preview video was targeted as a powerful medium through which Phiture could showcase the value of the Deezer app’s most popular features to users. New additions known as Dark Mode and Song Catcher, in addition to core features such as offline listening and a library of over 73 million songs and podcasts, were to take center stage. Building on findings from previous ASO experiments, Phiture took a data-driven approach, using visuals that showcased the most popular artists, songs, and podcasts based on the number of plays in the U.S. The same data was collected across different locales, which allowed Phiture to localize the video based on data relevant to specific markets. On the App Store, new users would see the app preview video in the place of the screenshot, or as a banner or featured graphic. As well as showcasing the new features of the app, the top artists and songs in each preview video varied based on the geographic location of the user. In order to align with Deezer’s new branding and refresh of creative assets in the App Store, the app preview video was launched at the same time.

The Results

After collecting data and analyzing the impact, the results showed that Phiture helped Deezer to achieve an 9.78% uplift in users downloading the app through organic search. The search conversion rate was increased by 0.28%, and Deezer successfully drove organic traffic and increased their brand awareness in an array of new international markets. In recognition of this highly creative and successful campaign, Phiture was named as a Finalist in the Best App Preview category at the App Growth Awards 2020 in Berlin.

Deezer is a French online music streaming service. It allows users to listen to music content from record labels, including Universal Music Group, Sony Music and Warner Music Group on various devices online or offline.Client: DeezerWebsite: ASOProject period: 2020