How Phiture’s localization expertise helped Sololearn identify new markets and reduce cost per trial by 40%




Cost-per-Install (ASA)


Cost-per-Trial (ASA)

The Challenge

Sololearn is a leading online learning platform and aims to make learning to code simple and accessible, all through its mobile app. Sololearn wanted to improve its performance across all channels while also understanding the impact of new markets. For this challenge, Phiture's positive track record with app performance marketing in lots of different markets as well as our capacity to quickly turn around localized creative concepts, was a key factor in Sololearn’s decision to partner with Phiture.

Working with Phiture was easy, as we found a fast and efficient iteration model for our Paid User Acquisition strategy. You can tell that they know what they are talking about and they know how to listen and include customer feedback in their processes and strategies.If I had to highlight two aspects, it would be the integral management of the creative process, as well as the quality and granularity of the reporting (going from the operational to the most granular possible).

David Sánchez, Head of Growth @ Sololearn

The Solution

To understand which markets had the most potential for Sololearn’s services, Phiture set about localizing keywords and creative assets for Apple Search Ads (ASA) and Google App Campaigns (GAC). We quickly created an extensive campaign structure for ASA in the ‘Tier 1’ markets Sololean wished to target. The structure of this campaign allowed us to continuously expand the keyword lists in different languages and markets with the aid of keyword automation scripts, as well as to test the Custom Product Pages (CPPs) for the main keyword themes. We used the learnings gathered from these Tier 1 campaigns to efficiently test new markets and scale expansion in Tier 2 markets. For GAC, we created multiple rounds of creative assets to test various creative themes in both Tier 1 and Tier 2 markets. The scale of these tests were adjusted according to market size, with the creatives being localized into multiple languages for higher conversion rates.

The Results

Over the course of six months, Phiture tested 20+ new markets on GAC and 30+ new markets on ASA. In the process, we tested more than ten different creative localized themes and observed an uplift in all main metrics across both Tier 1 and Tier 2 markets. Within the first month, for ASA, Installs, Signups, and Trials increased by +14.76%, +29.94% and +14.66%, respectively while Cost per Install, Cost per Signup, and Cost Per Trial dropped by -49.94%, -47.21% and -40.18%, respectively. For GAC, Installs and Signups increased by+35.57% and +48.01%, respectively while Cost per Install and Cost per Signup dropped by -50.34% and -54.58%, respectively. The learnings from both channels, in terms of volume and positive unit economics, ultimately informed Sololearn’s expansion strategy.

Sololearn is on a mission to build the most fun, accessible, and effective technical learning experience worldwide. We aim to help anyone, anywhere bridge the technical skills gap to future, life-changing careers. We’re changing the way people learn how to code by building a habit-forming experience for people to learn at their own pace, with bite-sized lessons and unique ways to practice. Client: SololearnWebsite: https://sololearn.comServices: Performance MarketingProject period: 2022