How we helped Pura Mente define an ASO strategy


Increase in first-time installs

The Challenge

Pura Mente is the number one meditation app in Spanish speaking markets. The challenge was how to maintain this leading position, especially in the highly competitive app stores. With this goal in mind, Phiture was tasked with auditing Pura Mente’s current ASO activities and finding areas for improvement in keyword optimization, creative visuals, and descriptive copy. In addition, Pura Mente were keen to establish their own ASO team and maintain cutting-edge ASO practices once their cooperation with Phiture ended.

"Working with Phiture was an exceptional experience, as they shared invaluable insights on ASO, retention, growth and beyond."

Juan Hardoy, CMO@ Pura Mente

The Solution

360° Audit:Phiture began by creating an overview of Pura Mente’s current mobile growth efforts. Not only did this include performing an ASO audit on Pura Mente’s current app store practices, but a review of additional growth activities such as Performance Marketing, Retention and Customer Relationship Management, User Interface and User Experience. By identifying where the initial strengths and weaknesses lay, Phiture found a number of opportunities for development and could confidently make recommendations for areas requiring further attention during the experimentation phase. Experimentation Phase:Drawing on the expertise of its Design, Performance Marketing and ASO teams, Phiture entered into an experimentation phase where different variables of video, product screenshots and descriptive copy were A/B tested against one another over a six month period. By experimenting in this way, and by building on the cumulative learnings of 25 iterations, Phiture was able to accurately identify the optimal combination of app store page components for Pura Mente’s future install growth. Upon conclusion of the cooperation, Phiture was able to provide Pura Mente with a solution for producing “creative hits” by first testing creative concepts and then extending the resulting wins through a process of iteration. The themes and variants used to build these creative assets were defined by Phiture’s marketing and creative staff, with regular input from data and product teams too. In this way Pura Mente were able to benefit from Phiture’s established culture of cross-team collaboration.

The Results

As a result of the cooperation with Phiture, Pura Mente saw their first installs increase by 387%. Of this increase 9,638 came within the first seven days of experimental testing. Phiture were systematic and transparent in all experimentation activities and kept Pura Mente informed of the planned actions and results every step of the way. The knowledge behind how this increase in installs was achieved was also delivered to the client. Phiture created a dossier of recommendations for future ASO activities, as well as recommendations for performance marketing strategies, user interface developments and user experience improvements, enabling the Pura Mente team to conduct future experiments. The partnership allowed Pura Mente to witness the inner processes of an industry-leading ASO consultancy and gain invaluable experience when building their own in-house ASO team later in the cooperation. As well as receiving weekly updates, Pura Mente was granted special access to Phiture’s own mobile growth toolkit and data analysis dashboard. Phiture are pleased to learn that after this cooperation, Pura Mente have built an ASO team dedicated to creating new growth strategies. By using Phiture’s recommended Monthly Creative Ideation Process, Pura Mente’s in-house ASO team now conducts weekly meetings to analyze experiment results, process data and benchmark for future campaigns.

Pura Mente is a meditation app for Spanish-speaking people.Client: Pura MenteWebsite: https://puramente.appServices: ASOProject period: 2020