Increasing onX Hunt Opt-in rate: On the trail of push-opt in rates.

onXmaps case study phiture in apps messaging


overall opt-in rate increase

The Challenge

The challenge was to increase the 49.7% push opt-in rate for new iOS users. Push opt-in is a critical metric as it directly affects every other lifestyle metric including activation, engagement and paid conversion. However, iOS users can only see the push authorization once. If this is dismissed, the only way to opt-in again is for the user to turn on notifications in their iPhone settings.

“Phiture helped the onX team to maximize the effectiveness of key channels including Push, Email and In-App Messaging. They helped us build out an effective multi-channel strategy and worked with us to build a strong process around data-driven CRM within our organization.”

Andrew Burrington, Product Manager @ Product Manager

The Solution

The ultimate solution was twofold. For new users, the push notification was replaced by a ‘fake’ pre-permission window. This is a two-button in-app which prompts users to turn on their notifications. If the user accepts this, the real authorization is triggered but not if they dismiss it. This prevents users from losing their chance to opt-in.Existing users who opted out are sent a push win-back campaign where they are encouraged to turn on notifications from their settings. Thanks to the deep link shown below, the user is directed to their iPhone settings.

onXmaps case study phiture in apps messaging

The Results

After some design and copy iterations on both the pre-permission and win-back campaigns, the client saw an overall opt-in rate increase of 10.6%.

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