How Lifesum Increased its Conversion Rate to Premium by 12.58%, with the Help of B.Layer In-App Messages


increase in conversion rate to premium plan

The Challenge

Lifesum is a leading nutrition platform that helps people make conscious decisions toward a healthy and balanced lifestyle. A major part of Lifesum’s engagement strategy is using In-App Messages. For this end, Lifesum needed a tool that would use minimal development resources, allowing their Product Marketing Team to be self-sufficient and execute quickly. 


Lifesum needed a tool that would contribute well to their broader mobile growth aims, easily slotting into their day-to-day work and strategy to help increase engagement and retention of users. The tool would need to be simple to use while at the same time ensure that IAMs are on brand, eye-catching, and consistent. These messages would also need to be able to use this tool for surveys, to capture the preferences of their users.

“BLayer has been instrumental in helping us onboard users successfully, promote specific features inside the app, distribute content in various formats such as Video IAMs, as well as run multi-step IAMs and surveys to gather user feedback and provide more personalized messages based on their input.”

Kristijan Arsov, Lifecycle Marketing Manager

@ Lifesum

The Solution

B.Layer was a natural fit for this requirement. B.Layer is designed to help mobile apps’ CRM teams create custom designed IAMs simply, rapidly, and without coding.


Of particular value to the Lifesum team was B.Layer’s brand assets feature to make sure all IAMs are always on brand in terms of fonts and colors, while the templates make sure all IAMs look consistent in terms of layout, size, and button designs. 


Existing messages are also easily duplicated, allowing the user to change out the images, copy, and CTAs, and have a brand new message ready in a matter of minutes. B.Layer’s functionality to create a survey IAM also met a core requirement of Lifesum. All messages that are built in B.Layer can then be exported as HTML and uploaded to the CRM tool.  In one particular instance, Lifesum created a multi-step survey which asked users what kind of physical activities they enjoy. Depending on the answers, users were led to different, further questions, and ultimately to different meal plans that best suited their activities, for example the "Runner's Diet."

The Results

Using B.Layer’s IAMs, the Lifesum team have recorded impressive wins. In reference to the multi step survey mentioned above, Lifesum measured a +12.48% increase in conversions to Premium among their segment of Free users, while in the Premium segment, Lifesum measured a +22.88% increase in users who started a Meal Plan (any), a +58.82% increase in users who selected the "Runner's Diet" Meal Plan, and a +294.28% increase in users who selected the "Eat, Lift, Repeat" Meal Plan.


Working with B.Layer has saved the Lifesum team time and resources, allowing their Product Team to quickly create custom IAMs. The smooth integration with Braze means that once a message is ready, Lifesum only need to download the ZIP file with all the assets and upload it into a Braze campaign.


Lifesum have also launched multiple In-App Surveys with different goals built in BLayer, using this feature in use cases such as registering users' interests in specific challenges or giveaways, or asking users about their lifestyle preferences and then using the data to suggest personalized content.

Lifesum is the world’s leading nutrition platform, helping over 55 million global users to improve baseline health through better eating. Whether the goal is to lose weight or simply have more energy throughout the day, the Lifesum app offers science-backed, personalized nutrition at scale and features a variety of meal plans, healthy recipes, trackers and more based on users’ goals, dietary restrictions and lifestyle. Visit for more information.


Client: Lifesum
Services: Retention, B.Layer
Project period: 2022