Driving EasyPark User Acquisition:Navigating the market with creative strategies & account optimization

easypark case study


increase in installs to 1000 impressions from the previous month


increase in install rates over three months


improved in-app conversion rate

The Challenge

EasyPark is an award-winning app that provides forward-thinking digital parking solutions for drivers in European cities. By using cutting-edge technology that helps users find and manage parking sessions right from their smartphone, as well as providing EV charging assistance for electric cars, EasyPark helps to build smarter, more liveable cities, one parking spot at a time.  To bolster its user acquisition efforts and drive cross-channel impact across locales, EasyPark collaborated with Phiture’s performance marketing team and sought to build on the already successful App Store Optimization engagement (ASO). Together, the challenge was to scale EasyPark’s Google App Campaign spend within their cost-per-acquisition (CPA) targets with creative optimization strategies to place the app in the best position possible to convert new users in the post-COVID market.

“We’re on a global growth journey, and digital acquisition is at the core of our marketing mix. In order to achieve even better results, it’s essential to accelerate content production. In Phiture we found a partner who recognized our needs and could lead the way. The results during the past six months have been amazing and the success story continues.”

Caroline Letsjö, Head of B2C Marketing@ EasyPark Group

The Solution

The engagement kicked off with Phiture’s performance marketing team leading a 360° audit. This identified huge opportunities to hone creative testing and implement new structures for optimal campaign management and led to the rollout of a new agenda for regular collaborative workshops. These workshops provided a platform for cross-team creative ideation and unearthed new testing strategies to be trialed across EasyPark’s key target markets. 

The Results

The revamped structure brought impact almost immediately, with Phiture’s performance marketing team collaborating with EasyPark’s marketing team to devise new testing strategies across 14 European markets. The numbers showed instant improvements in installs to 1000 impressions (IPM) within the first month of testing new creatives — a +32% increase from the previous month.Phiture’s campaign initiatives led to the optimization of EasyPark’s account strategy, resulting in the highest ad spend of all time while keeping the CPA under the specified target. Install rates increased by 47% over three months — higher than the all-time average — which can be attributed to successful cross-service synergy with ASO. In addition, in-app conversion rates improved by 6%, and we produced some of the highest IPM performance metrics ever recorded. The last few months had the highest inventory costs and most intense auction pressures to date — the average cost per thousand impressions was almost double that of the previous two years. However, it was offset with carefully planned creative refreshes and campaign optimization hacks.

EasyPark is a leading, fast-growing parking tech company that helps drivers find and manage parking and charge their electrical vehicle. EasyPark parking app allows users to get full control of their parking session and save time for the things that really matter.Client: EasyParkWebsite: https://easypark.de/enServices: Performance marketing, Google App CampaignsProject period: 2021 easypark logo