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Phiture’s Keyword Optimization Cycle Template

Get a keyword optimization cycle template

Phiture’s Keyword Optimization Template is now available for download as a free template. First developed at Phiture by Moritz Daan and Pablo Penny, the Keyword Optimization Cycle has been refined over the years by our ASO Consultants and is an invaluable asset in any ASO team’s arsenal. The process of finding and selecting the best search terms for your app’s metadata can be a daunting task. The Keyword Optimization (KWO) Cycle simplifies this by providing a template that helps to effectively structure every step of your keyword research process. Phiture’s KWO Cycle outlines the 4 main stages that an ideal keyword strategy should go through: - Research to find keywords- Prioritize the keywords that matter- Target the right metadata with the chosen keywords- Measure the impact of the selected keywords. Using the KWO Cycle makes the process of keyword optimization more efficient and organized, while simultaneously enabling your team to take a data-driven approach at each stage of the process. You can read the full guide to using the Keyword Optimization Cycle.