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The Custom Product Pages (CPPs) Playbook

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Custom Product Pages (CPPs) were released by Apple in early 2021, alongside several other long-awaited features: Product Page Optimization for native A/B testing, and In-App Events. CPPs are an extremely powerful concept, and a game changer for the ASO industry. The purpose of a Custom Product Page is to provide consistency of design and messaging with the original traffic source. The idea is that if both design and messaging are consistent between the source and product page, the user journey will have less friction. As a result, performance metrics like conversion rate should improve, leading to improved efficiency of user acquisition on the App Store and up the funnel. In this playbook, we will go into the specifics of Custom Product Pages: From the definition, to use cases, to design, and linking CPPs to various traffic sources. Finally, we will discuss measuring the performance of CPPs.