Phiture's App Tear Down Framework

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The App Tear Down Framework provides a structure for a systematic and granular analysis of an app in order to reach a clear and precise understanding of its UX, CRM strategy, value proposition, and core functionality.

The idea is to gather insights that can on the one hand help your Growth or CRM teams quickly identify low hanging fruit in need of attention, and on the other hand, provide an interactive team learning event, that can improve collaboration and spark creativity.

The inspiration for this activity comes from the well known practice of Product Teardowns, which we have adapted for our own purposes, and you are welcome to adapt this format to your own needs.

In this complementary blog article here, we share our own app tear down best practices, taking in the value of these sessions, a framework to setup and run the app tear down session, and a
short guide to turning insights into scalable ideas for experimentation and new tactics.