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Phiture was founded in 2016 by former Soundcloud growth experts Moritz Daan and Andy Carvell. Our industry-leading Mobile Growth Stack and ASO Stack frameworks form the foundation of all of the cutting-edge work our team of experts delivers in our client engagements. Through working transparently with our clients, we empower them and build new capabilities within their team to level-up their approach to growth. Phiture is a company where everyone from data scientists to designers works closely under the same roof and towards a common goal. We are constantly innovating and like to build our own specialist in-house tools. The entire Phiture team is based in the heart of Neukölln, Berlin and collaborates with clients around the globe.

Phiture leads the way in mobile growth

We strive toward excellence and want to become the number 1 go-to consultancy/agency for businesses wanting to grow their mobile apps.

We aim to:

– Work with tier one companies and well-known international brands
– Lead in terms of cutting-edge and innovative solutions for mobile growth
– Be considered knowledge leaders in the industry and growth community
– Be one of the top destinations for talent in the industry
– We position ourselves at the premium end of the market – quality and price-wise.

Our Mission: We help apps grow by building systematic processes to solve key growth challenges.

  • We help apps grow. We help growing the apps’ user base. We do so through our ASO/ASA, Retention and Growth Consulting Services.
  • Building systematic processes. We build frameworks and processes that provide solutions which our clients can also apply and which can be replicated/adapted for future growth challenges. Sustainable processes over time, not quick fixes.
  • Key growth challenges. We solve key growth challenges. Not just any.

Meet the experts behind Phiture

Equipped with a degree in Computer Science, an MBA, an entrepreneurial spirit and diverse interests in technology, business strategy and frameworks, Andy has seen it all in his 18 years of mobile industry experience. A former mobile game developer (Andy developed the Nokia classic ‘Space Impact’) and former SoundCloud growth lead, Andy created and published the Mobile Growth Stack framework, (now an industry standard for mobile marketers). Since co-founding Phiture with Moritz, Andy works on growth, CRM and Retention with our clients, in addition to industry thought leadership and public speaking.

Moritz built and successfully exited two games companies in his early years, publishing several well-known online games in Europe before completing his Master’s degree in Law. Moritz – together with Phiture co-founder Andy – led the growth team at SoundCloud. As a founding partner Moritz has helped Phiture’s clients with countless ASO efforts and growth consulting – while also authoring the industry-acclaimed Advanced ASO book, establishing our ASO Slack community with thousands of members, and organizing our Advanced ASO Conferences. Next to strategy & operations he is building out our Apple Search Ads offering at Phiture.

Prior to becoming Managing Director at Phiture, Pablo led App Store Optimization, driving ASO projects forward to help our clients grow. With a PhD in Innovation Management, experience in teaching entrepreneurship in London, Pablo’s remit now extends beyond ASO; he oversees and defines the direction and delivery of the Phiture Team’s work, together with our Partners Andy and Moritz.

Prior to joining Phiture, Ed grew a marketplace startup from zero to $2M in revenue as its first employee and then left to run SoundCloud’s global lifecycle marketing program for 2 years. With a proven track record for driving retention + conversion through marketing automation and lifecycle marketing initiatives, Ed now heads up the Retention team at Phiture, as well as being the resident expert on GDPR and data privacy.

From the wild, forested region of Bretagne comes Aude, brimming with ASO experience and a hands-on approach. After a Master’s in Management and a mobile marketing-focussed thesis, she managed ASO projects at Bonial for French, American and German apps. Aude’s deep expertise in ASO is evident in the work she delivers within the team and also in her thought leadership, as an expert speaker and writer.

Kevin has honed his technical and strategic skills in various startups and environments all over Europe. A regular speaker at conferences involving Growth hacking, mobile app development, analytics and marketing, Kevin now brings in his broad range of expertise to work both as a Growth Consultant and an innovation catalyst at Phiture. Kevin is also a keen Magic student and is seriously handy with a pack of cards.

As a Senior Growth Consultant, Eric manages and provides strategic planning for key accounts. Hailing from the Californian countryside, he has a BS in Environmental Economics from UC Berkley and has built up over 3 years of CRM experience in Berlin.Outside of work hours Eric is a huge music fan and admits to spending way too much of his salary on vinyl.

Maggie comes equipped with a Master’s degree in Marketing from Hong Kong, a strong international focus and boundless enthusiasm. Her experience and highly organized work style make her a valuable asset to the team, not least with her Epic Spreadsheet Genius.

Phiture’s British-German Data Scientist, Merlin, completed his Doctorate in Economics. Coming from a research background he complements our teams with his impressive statistical evaluation skills. He supports ASO work at Phiture with organic uplift causal analysis. A man of multiple talents, we recently discovered that he plays the accordion!

Born and raised in the mean streets of Auckland, Tessa now works in the Retention team as a Senior Growth Consultant. Before joining the Phiture team, she earned an MSc in Mathematics and worked for four years as a senior analyst in a major New Zealand bank. Tessa manages several key accounts and applies invaluable logical and analytical thinking to identify data-driven growth opportunities for our clients.

Skylar Grabecz ASO Consultant

ASO Consultant, Skylar, comes to us from the sunny climes of LA. Having studied Marketing in the US, he gained a wealth of work experience from roles in Taiwan and Berlin. An avid language learner in his spare time (he speaks Chinese and Spanish), you can also find him enjoying a game of Yahtzee out of office hours.

Abdulmajeed, or Abdul for short, is a software engineer equipped with a Master’s degree in Computer Science and specializing in intelligent systems, with a background in mobile and web development, DevOps and system administration. Abdul helps Phiture collect and process data, including insights from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, and has been the backbone of our data-driven approach to ASO, CRM and mobile growth.

First climate finance analyst for top worldwide financial institutions and the French Prime Minister Economy Planning Staff, Alexandre is also the founder of both a Parisian TEDx initiative and a European crowdsourced newspaper. His creative and entrepreneurial mindset, along with valuable technological and analytical insights, brings additional depth and craft to all of our projects in the Retention team. In addition, Alex is leading the development of new in-app message technology, pushing the envelope of this powerful channel by bringing ever more impactful capabilities to our in-app message framework.

Coming from Nagoya, Japan, our ASO Specialist Azusa brings an impressive work ethic and an infectious attitude to the Phiture team. Having previously worked as a pastry assistant, a student tutor and an assistant e-commerce operator, she is currently studying for her Master’s Degree in Political and International Economics - while providing support to the team across such diverse topics as graphic design, translation and ASO reporting.

Originally from Cape Town, William moved to Berlin to study software engineering at CODE university. He joined Phiture as a Full Stack Developer with the innovation team. Always a fan of experimenting with different operating systems he focuses on team agility empowerment and helps us leverage our tech to improve processes.

Joining us from Glasgow, Growth Consultant Alice completed a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) degree and worked in Social Media Strategy before teaching herself Swift, Objective-C and Javascript to build her own open-source mobile app project. She now works with the Phiture Retention team supporting on campaign QA, copywriting and KPI instrumentation.

Naples is not only famous for being the birthplace of pizza but also our ASO Consultant, Alessandra. Having achieved an Msc in Management Engineering and a Master of Education in Advanced Finance, she gained a wealth of experience in various communication and marketing roles for music and podcast platforms. Alessandra manages our ASO Stack Channel which is incidentally where she found her role at Phiture!

Hailing from South Africa, Stuart has a Master’s degree in Integrated Design and a design award or two under his belt. After racking up several years of experience in advertising agencies, he now helps Phiture’s clients in crafting their visual storytelling in the App Stores. His knowledge in typography and videography brings flair and panache to everything he touches.

Growth Consultant, Karan is originally from Bharuch, India. Before joining us at Phiture he completed a degree in Management at ESMT in Berlin and worked as both a Product Analyst and CRM Manager. He says that he thrives working at the intersection between psychology, business and tech which makes him perfectly placed to support the Retention team.

Belarussian Katsiaryna has a specialist degree in Hospitality Management as well as a BA in Graphic Design. Now working as an ASO Consultant, she brings a wealth of SEO, CRO and design experience from her background in digital marketing. She works on competitor analysis, experimentation and keyword optimization processes for our ASO clients

Designer Graeme comes from Australia and has a Diploma in Graphic Design. He also worked in print and illustration before arriving at Phiture with a suitcase full of talent and ideas. He makes sure that our clients’ work is beautifully crafted and considered. When he’s not weilding a Photoshop brush, he can be found drooling over high-end Japanese Stationery – or geeking out over music, history and art.

ASO Consultant, Baptiste, joins us from Strasbourg and brings a wealth of product development lifecycle experience with him. Baptiste covered all subjects from design, development and testing, when working as a B2B business developer for different digital companies as well as spending some time as a manual software tester. As a student in Marseille, he was the project manager of a fishing association. In a year and a half on the job, he caught one solitary fish...

Originally from England, in-house copywriter and localization manager Emma has an MA in Translation Theory and Practice from UCL, specializing in Scandinavian languages. She has previously worked as a journalist as well as taking on music streaming and editorial roles on the Google Play Store before finding herself in Berlin. A lover of all things linguistic, she is our grammar guru.

Coming to us from Poland, Marketing Designer Justyna has many diverse strings to her bow. She impressively holds diplomas in Graphic Design, Art History and French Philology and previously worked as a Graphic Designer for a sustainable polymer specialist. A self-confessed linguaphile in her spare time, she also takes a keen interest in motion design and illustration.

Otas was born in Lithuania, but has worked in multiple European countries during his career. He previously worked as a Front-end developer and Web designer, yet found it too slow-paced – and we think he has a point, considering his exceptional conceptual skill and creative energy, on top of a BBA in International Marketing. Otas now leads marketing efforts at Phiture, tasked with promoting the company, team and our services and building the global Phiture brand.

Andrea joins us from Bologna, Italy as Phiture’s dedicated ASA Account Manager. After completing an MSc in International Marketing and Management at Copenhagen Business School he worked on projects for big international companies and gained experience in UA and managing substantial budgets on channels like Google UAC/Facebook and Apple Search Ads.

Katja is Head of HR at Phiture and is our rare native Berlienr. Having gained a degree in Business Administration, she comes with 4 years experience in recruiting, general HR Management and people happiness. She is partial to a card game or two and admits to playing almost every night.

Racael Phiture

Hailing from rainy southern England, Rachael is currently studying towards her MA in Convergent Journalism - when she's not supporting the localization team at Phiture. With a history in languages and linguistics, she has varied experience as a wordsmith, working on a myriad of topics from tech and innovation to the secret lives of Berlin karaoke goers.

Mobile growth veteran Thomas Petit is an external full-stack marketer with more than a decade of experience in over 20 web and app startups. Dubbed the ‘.csv Master’, Thomas’ mastery comes with enormous strategic UA knowledge and valuable tactics to compliment what we can offer our clients. Thomas is a true industry powerhouse and we are honored to count him as a freelance member of the Phiture team.

Richard, — aka Richie, aka “Happiness Manager”, aka “Ultimate Problem Solver” — is a business-economics generalist who deploys his expertise in process-optimization and operations management along with a knack for problem-solving to ensure the team comfortably and successfully carries out their work in a harmonious environment.

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