Top Posts of 2017 ASO Stack-min

Before 2018 kicks into full gear, here are our most popular posts from 2017:

10) ’What analyzing 3,300 Feature Graphics has taught us about Google Play Store ASOby Pablo Penny

The Feature Graphic is the most important visual ASO asset on the Google Play Store, along with app icons. In this post, Pablo Penny of Phiture analyzes and compares 3000+ of top developers’ Feature Graphics.

9) ’How to combine SEO and ASO techniques to supercharge your Keyword Research’ by Gabor Papp

In this guest post, Gabor Papp shows how to combine tactics from classical SEO + competitor based keyword research + ASO to take keyword research to a new level.

8) ‘The App Store Optimization Stack: ASO Tools’ — by Gabe Kwakyi

In his guest post, Gabe Kwakyi provides an overview of available ASO tools used by ASO practitioners to save time, make better decisions and increase returns.

7) ‘ASO Stack-Slack group’ — by Moritz Daan

In 2017, ASO Stack launched a Slack channel for ASO practitioners which was enthusiastically received by the community. If you would like to join this group of 500+ ASO professionals, please send an email from your company address along with a one-liner what you’re doing with ASO to: [email protected] to get invited (important: only company email addresses accepted).

6) ‘The App Store Optimization Stack: Increasing Conversions’ — by Gabe Kwakyi

This post gives a detailed overview on how to optimize conversion rates for ASO. Without a good conversion rate, ASO top-line gains earned through increasing visibility can actually sabotage long-term chances at success, given that the algorithms of Apple and Google take conversion into account.

5) ‘The new iOS 11 App Store and the impact on your conversion rate — by Luca Giacomel

Luca Giacomel, Data Scientist at Bending Spoons, took deeper look and built his own model to analyze how conversions, impressions, and downloads changed after the introduction of the new iOS 11 App Store.

4) ‘Using the Keyword Optimization Cycle to increase App & Play Store visibility’ — by Pablo Penny

To simplify the process of keyword optimization, Phiture developed the Keyword Optimization Cycle. It serves as a reference model for those advanced with App Store Optimization and provides detailed steps and guidelines for ASO newbies.

3) ‘Why 7 seconds could make or break your mobile app’by Peter Fodor

What are users actually doing while they’re in the app stores? How much time do they spend on an app listing? What do they click on? How are they interacting with descriptions, screenshots, or app videos? In his guest post, Peter Fodor of App Agent analyzed a sample of over 25,000 visitors (that generated a total of 10,000 installs) to find out the answers.

2) ‘Black Hat ASO — Where to Draw the Line’by Regina Leuwer

An overview of the known Black Hat ASO tactics, what developers should consider, and Apple’s and Google’s views. This post was based on a presentation by Moritz Daan.

1) ‘The App Store Optimization Stack’by Moritz Daan

The App Store Optimization Stack is a cheat sheet for mobile marketers that want to better understand what levers they can pull to improve their app store presence. The framework is divided into 4 layers:

  1. Increase Visibility: how to get your app in front of more people inside of the store?
  2. Increase Conversion: how to convince people to download your app?
  3. Tools: how can ASO tools help you speed up and optimize your app store presence?
  4. Outside of Store: what impact do outside influencers have on ASO and how do they overlap with your ASO work?

The ASO Stack and its layers are the foundation of the ASO eBook Advanced App Store Optimization by Moritz Daan and Gabe Kwakyi, released in September 2017.