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TLDNR: You can use this matrix to prioritize your time spent on ASO for what will drive the biggest impact.

Get the ASO Activities Impact Chart (v1.1 includes iOS 11 Changes)

Matrices aren’t just for MBAs and the BCG! They’re a great way to concisely communicate a framework for organizing information in order to make quicker, smarter decisions — precisely the problem they were created to solve.

A little while ago, one of our clients challenged us to help their team, which was less well-versed in ASO, understand the highest impact, lowest hanging fruit that we could implement. In response, we created the ASO Activities Impact Chart, in collaboration with fellow mobile growth agency and matrix enthusiasts, Phiture, as well as comments from members of the Mobile Dev Memo Slack community.

The ASO Activities Chart follows up another recent collaboration between Phiture and Incipia (the ASO Stack), and dives deeper prioritization of select activities that can impact your App Store Optimization strategy, whether they are situated directly within the remit of ASO (e.g. screenshot optimization), or sit outside the ASO umbrella, yet still affect ASO success (e.g. increasing download velocity).

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How to Use the ASO Activities Impact Chart:

  1. Start by working on the activities located in the top-right quadrant (best case). These activities will yield the highest return on your effort/investment by pairing high impact with low effort required.
  2. Then, if you have more resources/time, move to the top-left quadrant (2nd best case). While these activities require more effort to achieve, they will still yield a high impact on your ASO performance.
  3. If you have fewer resources/time, then move from the top-right best case quadrant to the bottom-right 3rd best case quadrant. These activities will produce a smaller impact on your ASO performance but require less effort to achieve.

Get the ASO Activities Impact Chart (v1.1 includes iOS 11 Changes)

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