This article is written by myself, Nicholas Fraser, the new company copywriter at Phiture. After taking on the role at the beginning of June, I thought it would be a good practice to offer an insight into what it’s been like settling in and learning the ropes at one of the leading mobile growth consulting firms in the industry today.

2020 is just over halfway through, and I think we can all agree it’s been a somewhat rocky start to the year. Finding a new job is challenging even at the best of times. Competition is fierce (particularly if you’re looking for an English-speaking position here in Berlin), and even if you’re confident your credentials will allow you to perform well in a particular role, it’s equally important that the prospective company’s culture and values agree with your own, which in itself can often prove to be an obstacle. And when you consider that so many industries have been forced to operate some way below full capacity — well: let’s just say I haven’t been overly optimistic about my career prospects of late.

But then, just over a month ago, something happened that I didn’t quite expect. I was offered a full-time position here at Phiture, and it’s given me a much-needed boost of positive energy and confidence; not only in my ability as a copywriter, but it has also shown me that when you have the right people on board and approach change — even when it’s unexpected — with a positive mindset, people and business can continue to thrive. All things considered, it’s been an overwhelmingly positive start in circumstances that haven’t exactly been conducive to making a smooth transition into a new company. So, in no particular order, I’ll share some of my encouraging early observations that I think make Phiture a great place to work. 

Opportunities for Personal Growth 

Something that was made clear during my first onboarding session with one of the company’s founders was that Phiture really want you to do well — and this isn’t just in relation to the job you’ve been hired to do. That you’re expected to perform in any new role is a given –– whether or not you’ll progress in the company depends on it.

However, I was extremely intrigued when asked about my long-term goals outside of work, and where the company may be able to assist.

Let’s say, for instance, you’re employed as, I don’t know, a copywriter. You’re –– fairly –– confident in your ability to craft engaging and varied copy, but you’ve noticed there may be opportunities for career growth and more efficient workflows if you brush up on your WordPress skills. This is exactly where Phiture would be able to step in and provide some of the tools you need. Every employee gets free and unlimited access to a Udemy for Business account, which offers a countless number of courses that you can study at your own pace. What’s more is that one day a month is dedicated to personal study, where you’re encouraged to seek out a new field and take the time to learn. It’s a nice perk that if put to good use, can help you grow in your current role and open doors to new opportunities both in and outside of work. 

Strength in Diversity 

As someone who’s always been fascinated by different cultures, it’s a real pleasure to work at a company that embraces diversity. Something that separates Berlin from so many other European capital cities is its multicultural landscape, and this is definitely reflected in the Phiture team. Aside from Antarctica — I haven’t met any Arctic natives as of yet  — there’s a representative from all the world’s continents, which is a major strength both from a professional and social perspective. As a global company with vested interests in so many different markets, getting first-hand insights from team members when it comes to identifying the various and, at times, complex cultural nuances across countries is invaluable. From a social standpoint, creating an environment where people feel valued and welcome, regardless of the language they speak, the food they eat, or what religious or spiritual beliefs they may hold, only serves to enrich company culture, and also provides a template as to how multiculturalism can work across wider society. 

Well-Balanced Company Culture 

It’s something that so many companies strive for but few are actually able to achieve: the ever-elusive, perfect work/play balance. Admittedly, the current circumstances haven’t allowed me to really get a feel for a ‘normal’ day at the office. But, from what I’ve seen so far, there’s a palpable cohesion that drives the company’s ambition and growth whilst also allowing people to express their true nature and have a good laugh in the process. I’m looking forward to a time when we can all look back, triumphant, and finally say we’ve defeated Covid-19 — at which point there will surely be lots of real-life meet and greets and catch up beers — but for now, it appears Phiture have done a great job keeping output and morale high during testing times.

In a Nutshell

It’s early days still, so there will inevitably be a lot more Zoom meetings, learnings, mistakes (hopefully not too many), virtual coffees, and, in due time, some success stories to come. Thankfully, things are slowly beginning to resemble life pre-COVID-19. I’ve had the opportunity to work at the Kreuzkölln office on occasion (of course while observing controlled, socially distanced measures to ensure everyone’s safety) and meet a few more members of the team in person. With some more good fortune, things will continue to progress and there will be some off-site getaways, conferences to attend, and –– what I’m most excited about –– I’ll finally get to meet the office dog. In the meantime, if you’re thinking about starting or progressing your career in mobile growth, but you’ve been deterred due to recent events, stay positive: there are still plenty of opportunities out there. Or, better still, think seriously about sending a CV into Phiture.