On the importance of HR in the new normal

On the Importance of HR in the New Normal

HR departments have journeyed some distance since the old hire and fire personnel days.
Not long ago — and arguably even now — HR was often perceived as the necessary bureaucratic branch of a company.

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Andrea ios 14

Tech Talk with Andrea Raggi: Building Effective Mobile Marketing Strategies for Life after iOS 14

On September 16th, Apple officially released iOS 14. Product page updates, autocorrection of misspelled terms, and increased visibility of app collections were among the revisions; however, it was the sharp turn toward more robust privacy controls for users that sent shockwaves through the industry.

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remote work article

At the Crossroads of Remote Work and a Central Office: How the Transition Has Improved Life at Phiture

The idea of the traditional office has been on the wane for quite some time now. Sure COVID19 has forced everyone to reconsider the logistics of traveling to and from work every day, and companies are obligated to take measures to look after their workers amid these uncertain times.

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phiture employees

On Relocation, Culture, and Phiture’s International Network: A Company Catchup with Nicholas Fraser and Parv Bhargava

It’s a regular day at the Phiture office –– or at least regular as is permitted during COVID time. There are a handful of people sat at their desks ruminating over client reports, and the groovy 70’s disco rhythms rolling out of the sound system are occasionally layered with the inviting rumble of grinding coffee beans. I’m sat with Parv Bhargava, an ASO consultant here at Phiture, and our conversation fixates almost immediately on Jaipur, Parv’s hometown.

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Nicholas Fraser

My First Month at Phiture

After taking on the role at the beginning of June, I thought it would be a good practice to offer an insight into what it’s been like settling in and learning the ropes at one of the leading mobile growth consulting firms in the industry today.

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