The second App Store Optimization Conference is now a month and a half out and the excitement is building!

Should You Attend The NYC App Store Optimization Conference? Speaker Topics, Part 1

Join companies including Credit Karma, Budge Studios, Walmart, and Jam City at the epicenter of ASO knowledge sharing this side of the Atlantic in New York City. And not only is the ASO Conference the best way to make sure you are on top of the latest ASO updates and techniques, but is also conveniently your excuse to make a visit to New York City happen! After all, who doesn’t enjoy a visit to the Big Apple every so often?

Attendees of the first ASO Conference on May 22nd in Berlin raved about the in-depth knowledge sharing that many commented was deeper and more data-driven than in any other event, as well as the chance to network with practitioners of the at the rare opportunity of a truly ASO-focused conference.

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If you still haven’t purchased your ticket and are still unsure of whether this event would be valuable for you, take a look at these speakers and their topics to understand what knowledge will be shared and how it can be applied to your company’s growth strategy.

Eric Seufert — The Latest State of the App Economy Keynote

Eric Seufert — The Latest State of the App Economy Keynote

In this session, Eric will highlight and discuss three credible risks to the mobile app economy that mobile advertisers and developers need to be conscious of when strategizing for the future.

Eric’s session is unique in that it elevates the focus from nitty gritty tactics to the macro canopy and will expose you to an understanding of tectonic plate-level challenges which will inevitably reveal themselves in your growth results and be vital for multi-year planning. This insight coming from one of the industry’s premier thought leaders with a diverse and impressive set of experiences from leading growth at mobile firms such as Rovio, to building an advanced analytics and modeling tool Agamemnon (which was acquired by gaming giant N3TWORK) to founding one of the go-to mobile insider forums and news site/forum, Mobile Dev Memo.

Marketers of all focuses can tune in to Eric’s keynote to learn information for conversations with industry thought leaders, startup founders, and VP and senior leadership.

Rocio Morales — Preparing for a Global App Launch (Gaming Perspesctive)

Rocio Morales — Preparing for a Global App Launch (Gaming Perspesctive)

This session will cover the global launch of a game from an ASO perspective and all the different topics we had to cover (Search strategy, Franchise framework, Brand positioning, etc.). The content will be focused on Candy Crush Friends, the latest addition to the King portfolio.

Many company goes through subsequent app launches, yet few companies go through launches having seen what it looks like from the inside track after making it into the big leagues quote like King. Rocio will summarize what she and the team at King did to prepare and what they learned when taking another swing at making a hit — and succeeding!

Gaming ASOs should look forward to Rocio’s session to see inside the R&D center of a major title launch, and identify actionable to do’s for their own game launch strategy.

Alexandra Lamachenka — Benefits of Having ASO as a Part of a Dev Enablement Team

Alexandra Lamachenka — Benefits of Having ASO as a Part of a Dev Enablement Team

Should ASO be a part of a marketing or development team? When and why Skyscanner integrated ASO into the development team, and what has changed since then in product and marketing relations, internal tooling and app quality.

Did you see this reorg coming? Startup and tech teams are always experimenting, and Alexandra shares her experience with team experimentation at a major app company. Taking risks is where innovation springs from, and this is an ecosystem shift that may pan out to incredible impact for Skyscanner. ASO is, after all in the midst of maturing and transforming into an even more data-driven field requiring supporting infrastructure and insights to maintain and grow a competitive position in the stores. A recurring benefit to attending the ASO Conference is exposure to non-traditional knowledge, innovative ideas, and data-driven techniques that most people don’t have access to. Don’t miss out on this chance to broaden your horizons.

Directors, VPs and leads should pay special attention to Alexandra’s session to hear a fresh take on how marketing teams should be structured and where they should roll up to. Learn how another company took a risk and went against the traditional approach, and what the outcome was.

Dor Alaluf — Scaling an Organic Growth Team

Dor Alaluf — Scaling an Organic Growth Team

Organic Growth and ASO activity is often overlooked by many app developers due difficulties in measuring its impact. Many of those who do initiate an ASO strategy choose to outsource it, rather than invest in a dedicated in-house team. In this session, Dor will discuss the advantages of an in-house approach to ASO and share how Playtika’s Organic Growth team measures, proves, and expands its value to the business. Even those who do outsource their ASO can gain valuable insights on best practices and collaboration with their ASO providers.

The question of whether to outsource or build in-house a service or productis a constant question growing businesses face, and one particularly vexing for startups and technology companies, who may feel the conflicting desires to take challenges on by the horns, but also must constantly assess the priorities of internal resources. What are the benefits to outsourcing vs in-housing your ASO strategy? Dor offers his perspective on this topic of enabling an organic growth team, which is particularly illuminating given his experience in making the switch from agency to brand.

Dor’s session offers a valuable perspective for any brand/publisher who has seriously considered the juncture decision of whether to outsource or in-housing their ASO. Moreover, Dor’s session is equally valuable for firms that choose either outcome and can make for either better results from in-house efforts, or stronger partnerships with vendors.

Jesse Germinario — ASO App Launch Lessons (Non-Gaming)

Jesse Germinario — ASO App Launch Lessons (Non-Gaming)

Launching a new app or game comes with unique ASO challenges. What opportunities should you focus your time on, and what’s not worth the effort? Jesse will share Elevate Labs’ experience launching their latest new app and some of the lessons they learned along the way.

While the stores are the same for games and apps, the story for how to prepare, manage, and scale a launch a game is unique to that of an app, from supporting budget, to testing strategy, to benchmarking, to keyword targeting and beyond. Attendees of the ASO Conference will benefit from the gaming and non-gaming flavor of preparing for an app launch.

At Jesse’s session, non-gaming ASOs can get learn how the team at Elevate pushed for growth beyond an existing, high-performing title and approached the launch a major new app, while rapidly learning how to prioritize resources and attention for maximum impact.

Aude Boscher and Pablo Penny — Scaling Your Experimentation Efforts Through Data-Driven Testing Processes

Aude Boscher and Pablo Penny — Scaling Your Experimentation Efforts Through Data-Driven Testing Processes Pablo Penny ASO Conference 2019

Being able to grow and operate a proper CRO strategy globally can take a toll on your energy and time. Aude and Pablo will talk about their ASO project management techniques including prioritizing experiments, rapid metrics-based iteration and how to collect learnings and measure overall success.

As called out in the ASO Conference Berlin, conversion rate optimization (CRO) has shifted further into center stage with the rise of browse/explore visibility, where conversion rate is the main lever that can be directly controlled or influenced by ASO marketers (Google Play tags TBD). The team at Phiture offer conference attendees the benefit of the consultancy perspective at establishing a proper plan for CRO, honed and informed through managing this process for many brands, categories, markets, and challenges.

Any ASO or organic marketer will benefit from attending Aude and Pablo’s session, which will lay out a methodical plan for conversion rate optimization and testing.

Stay tuned for more sessions in part 2 and be sure to get your tickets to ASO Conference NYC before they’re gone!