This month’s ASO Monthly edition outlines the most relevant November developments. Here, we shed light on trends in App Store Optimization, algorithm changes, insights into conversion rate optimization, and tool updates.


November 8

Apple “Meet the Experts” sessions in November & December

Apple is conducting specialized sessions for app marketing professionals within the “Meet with Experts” program, providing insights into the inner workings of the App Store, Apple devices, and analytics. Several sessions were offered in November, with more scheduled for December. These sessions are offered in various languages, including English, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Spanish, and more. For those seeking to stay up to date with industry updates, participating in these sessions offers a valuable perspective on the technical and creative aspects of Apple features and implementations. You can register for the events here:


November 10

Apple updates Today Tab format

Starting in December, Today Tab ads will undergo enhancements, featuring expanded dimensions and dynamic background animations with custom product page assets. No exclusive efforts are necessary from the publisher and advertiser — however, approval is required for the assets used in Custom Product Pages (CPPs). In a prior update, Apple constrained Today Tab ads to focus solely on the app icon, colored background, and textual assets. With this recent update, heightened emphasis will be placed on the app icon and dynamic creative assets animating in the background of the ads.


November 10

Google’s new total acquisitions report allows to see acquisitions from outside store listings

In November, Google unveiled a new reporting view within the Google Play Console: “Overall Store Analysis”. This feature empowers publishers to track acquisitions originating from sources beyond the conventional store listing. For example, generic (discovery) keywords are categorized under Explore, while acquisitions from various surfaces, including featurings, top charts, and other placements, are also captured in the overall store analysis view. This new report provides insights into the number of installs occurring outside the store, offering a better understanding of users downloading the app without visiting the store listing.


November 11

iOS 17.2 Beta features App Store categories in a more prominent position

MacRumors recently reported that Apple is directing increased attention to app categories on the “Apps” page. A top navigation bar is being introduced, enabling users to seamlessly navigate through different app categories. This adjustment is anticipated to augment traffic from the “Browse” traffic source for various applications. Previously located at the bottom of the app section, the categories posed accessibility challenges for users. With this latest update, a more user-friendly approach is implemented, allowing a larger user base direct access to app categories. Keep in mind that this is a beta feature, its final appearance might be different from what you see here.

Image: MacRumors


November 16

Google Play: Preview promotional content inline and on-device via QR code

During a recent event in Berlin, Google introduced the capability to preview promotional content inline and on-device through a QR code before deployment. This feature will help publishers, marketers, and developers better understand the appearance of promotional content on the store or a user’s device by providing a pre-launch preview.


November 20

Some important updates from Google on Google Developers forum

Google Play has introduced several noteworthy updates impacting app development, distribution, and promotion.

Custom store listings (CSLs) now allow users to save listings as drafts, publish on a schedule, and run listings for a chosen duration.

Deep links bring enhanced insights, enabling the linking of Google Ads and Google Play Console accounts, revealing top-performing URLs, deep link coverage, user reach, and side-by-side app and web experience comparisons.

Android Vitals introduces robust monitoring against per-device quality thresholds, hourly vitals data, and bad behavior notifications.

Developers enrolled in user-choice billing can now offer alternate billing systems in over 35 markets, with transactions reported via API reflecting on top charts. These updates collectively enrich the app development and promotion landscape on the Google Play platform.


November 22

Google Play Console mobile app design revamp

The Google Play Console App has been re-designed, enhancing user experience. The Console app empowers developers with the ability to respond to reviews, efficiently manage orders and refunds, and receive notifications for new reviews. Notably, the app now extends support for larger tablet screens, ensuring a seamless experience across various devices, and introduces a dark mode for enhanced visual comfort. These updates collectively contribute to a more streamlined and feature-rich environment for developers utilizing the Google Play Console App.


November 23

Google features apps that leverage seasonality

In a strategic move to capitalize on seasonality, numerous apps are incorporating “Black Friday” themes into their icons, tapping into the heightened consumer interest during this period. Simultaneously, Google Play has aligned with the seasonal trend by prominently featuring shopping category apps at the top of the Explore section. This curated emphasis not only enhances user engagement but also underscores the platform’s responsiveness to current market dynamics.


Tool Updates

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Before You Go

As both Apple and Google prioritize featuring apps with seasonal flair through promotional content and metadata updates, it’s crucial for ASO practitioners to craft thoughtful strategies for the upcoming holiday season. Given the expected surge in mobile device interactions for activities like gift shopping, gaming, and entertainment consumption, a proactive approach is essential. Early preparation not only positions apps favorably for increased visibility but also enhances the likelihood of catching the attention of Google and Apple App Store editorial staff for potential dedicated features. Get your apps ready for the holiday season — spotlight moments might await you!