Apple Search Ads API Python Library

Abdul Majeed Alkattan works as Engineer at Phiture with a background in mobile and web development, DevOps and system administration. Abdul helps Phiture collect and process data, including insights from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Merlin Penny works as Data Science and Engineering Lead at Phiture. Merlin has a PhD in Economics and supports teams at Phiture with automation and statistical evaluation.

We are hiring for a key role to lead our evergrowing ASO team. You’ll be responsible for leading and overseeing the success of our App Store Optimization service team and help Phiture to lead the way in mobile growth. 

The Apple Search Ads API offers developers the possibility to automate campaign management to a certain extent. Managing campaigns, ad groups, keywords, and creative sets with the API can make campaign management much more efficient and open up the door for fully automating accounts. Using the API can be cumbersome (For access, REST is used while data is returned in JSON format) which is why Phiture has built a non-official API library in Python, that provides easy access to campaign management. This library only requires intermediate Python skills and makes it possible not only for Engineers but also for Data Analysts and Apple Search Ads Consultants to work with it. While the library is extensive, it is not complete and users are encouraged to submit suggestions. The repository is published on github as well as on pypi.

Here is the GitHub repository:


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Knowledge sharing is at the core of our consultancy. In addition to sharing the Apple Search Ads API, we therefore also want to share a demo on how to use the functions for keyword management. If you are an Engineer or Developer you will probably be able to use the above library right away. However, if you have less experience in working with Python and APIs, the following Jupyter Notebook will give you an introduction on how to use the library for Keyword Management. If you are not yet familiar with Campaign Structures in Apple Search Ads, feel free to read this article by Andrea Raggi, Apple Search Ads Lead at Phiture, beforehand.

Here is the demo

If you find this library helpful for Campaign Management Automation, please leave a clap, star the package on GitHub and share it on your social media. If you have any suggestions please commit them on GitHub or leave a comment below.