Behind every success, there are multiple mistakes and these present a fantastic opportunity for learning and improvement. In the podcast series Mobile Growth Nightmares, hosted by Gessica Bicego (Blinkist) and Andy Carvell (Phiture), the hosts talk about failures, missed opportunities, embarrassing blunders, and the lessons learned from them.

In our new episode, Gessica and Andy were joined by Claire Rozain, Senior User Acquisition Manager at Gameloft. Starting her career in marketing, Claire then switched to user acquisition, gaining years of experience in companies such as Match or Product Madness. At Gameloft, she currently helps the team lead the way in mobile gaming.

In this latest episode, Claire talks about one of the biggest nightmares in her career (and a very relatable one!): when she accidentally sent a widespread push notification to every single user, causing the app to crash.

Later, in the ‘Brilliant or Bullshit’ part of the episode, the hosts and Claire discuss the positives and negatives of advertisers shifting their spending towards Android devices after Apple’s new tracking rules.

You can listen to Season 2 Episode #7, alongside all the other podcast episodes, on our newly-designed dedicated Mobile Growth Nightmares page.